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June 2018

Currently, Internet consumption on smartphones is reduced in different ways. Likewise, a few ways have been highlighted for the readers.

Data Resetting: When you're not using a smartphone but have data left, your data is still spent. Most of your Android phones use background data to keep apps and services active. To avoid this, go to your Settings option and then use Data> then wait for the Restricted background data option. Your notification bar will show an exclamation mark. This means that apps and the background can not steal data.

Keeping the required apps: Smartphone users use one or more Internet-based messaging apps. There may be an app that needs to be turned on all the time. If background data is closed, all apps will be locked together in the background. To avoid this problem, you can go to Settings> Data Usage and see all the apps. Now take a moment to click on the apps and enter the inside and restart the rest except for the apps you need to keep on.

Using the Data Savings App: There are some apps that allow you to browse through a lot of data costs. There are Data Savings Moods such as Opera Mini, Opera New, UC Browser. Using this mood you can save up to 80 percent of the browsing cost. For the instant messaging, select the right app. For voice calling, data usage in WhatsApp is very low.

Data settings: There are some settings in the use of internet that are important to use. For example, your smartphone can be used as a WiFi hotspot. Some WiFi-based apps, such as when you use a stock brick, automatically turn hotspot on several occasions automatically. This allows you to access your data without knowing anyone else. Check everything in that case. Use the hotspot password. And if you do not need it, then keep your data connection off after the use.

Using the Security App: You can reduce the cost of data using various security apps. With these apps you can know which apps are stealing your data. They can not use data without your permissions in the settings. There are various apps in the PlayStore: CM Security, 360 Security etc. Apart from data protection by these apps, viruses will be protected from hacking.


The easiest way to use the Instagram is to get the advantage of the Internet. Facebook-owned Instagram opened a light version of the app called 'Instagram Light'. The size of the app is just 573 kilobytes. The app is listed on Google Play Store. An Instagram spokesman confirmed the technology website TechCrunch.

Instagram Lite App has recently been tested in Mexico. Instagram's spokesman said that the Lite version will soon be released for developing countries. There will be less space on the mobile to keep an app made specifically for Android phones. It will cost less data and will run faster.

You can find new content on the app, posting pictures as a feature, sharing story, sharing new tabs in Xplo tab. There is currently no direct messaging feature in Instagram Lite version. But soon the authorities have told to add it.

Instagram has announced new services from Photo Sharing App. Instagram announces a new video app named IGTV recently. You can put video of emerging internet stars, painters and pets. Instagram in the competition with Google's YouTube app

Outside of this example, features like Xplore tab and group video call have been added to Instagram. Apart from this, the company has brought features like Topic channels such as 'Animations' or 'Photography'.


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Due to the lack of cyber security in Asia and the Pacific, business and communications technology sector may face potential financial losses of $ 745 trillion US dollars. Which is more than seven percent of the country's gross domestic product (GDP) of 24.3 trillion US dollars. According to a research report by Frost and Sullivan conducted under Microsoft's supervision, this information has emerged. The information was released in a notification issued by Microsoft.

'The idea of ​​cyber security threats in the Asia-Pacific region: The security of modern enterprises in the digital world' aims to make the people aware of cyber security violations in this area of ​​business and communications technology and to identify the necessary issues for the implementation of the cyber security strategies of the organizations. In this study, the survey was carried out by the medium-sized enterprises and organizations (250 to 499 workers) and workers of large organizations and organizations in the business and communications technology sector.

According to the report, more than half of the surveyed (25%) cyber security violations have occurred or they are not convinced or have no information about the data violation (27%).

Eric Lam, director of Microsoft's Asia-based Enterprise Cyber ​​Security Group, said, "The organizations are now adopting cloud and mobile computing services to connect with their customers and utilize the full utility of their activities."

Eric Lam said, 'The new target of attack has been created as the traditional communication technology is invisible to the opponent. The organizations have suffered significant economic losses, along with their customer satisfaction and reputation, which is evident in recent cyber security violations.

The study said, along with financial losses, cyber-security infringement has reduced the possibilities and capacity of the organization to take advantage of the future of digital economy of Asia-Pacific region. Cyber ​​attacks like the ransom demand attracted the attention of enterprises. Fraudulent wire transfer, data corruption and online brand impersonation are the most vulnerable issues and the reason for the downfall.

Researchers say that the next guard of defense in the cyber security sector may be artificial intelligence (AI). In Asia and the Pacific, four of the four organizations have already taken the AI ​​technology to increase the security of cyber security.


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What is most at risk in the world of technology is the confidentiality of privacy that is confidentiality in the world of technology. It is really difficult to protect it. Google, Bing, Yahoo or other search engines keep track of users' IP addresses and search issues. Google has highlighted their privacy and terms in FACS (Frequently Asked Questions). But how many of us we read or read.

Something that reveals the position

Experts have found that analyzing someone's history is not a matter of his birthland, city, neighbor, age and gender. But the person who is searching is probably going to find the information without thinking about it. A year ago, New York Times columnist David Leonhard explains how to change the rules of the search with geographical location. Those who search more general social security, special weapons or specific things, they live in economically displaced countries or regions. In this way, Google will give the address of the home address on a particular subject, Google

Healthy or medicinal

A healthier information about the sensitive information in your life. Company reserves the right to record your IP address or Google account information, including the information that Google places on search. Tim Liberat, a researcher at the University of Pennsylvania's Anneberg School for Communication, found that 80 percent of the people seeking health information went to the third party. If someone gives a search on HIV / AIDS, then analyzing the history of his past history with that, he will be removed from the AIDS patient.

Regarding insecurity

Know about insecurity, become a dirty trick of many companies' business. Any people want freedom from insecurity. Again, these are one of the weaknesses, which becomes an opportunity for criminals. So when you report your weaknesses in Google, then you are also at risk.

Something suspicious

Years ago a story spread widely on the Internet. A US family was detained for finding suspicious objects in Google. The family members had read several times by writing backpack and 'pressure cooker bombs'. After the housewife said, 'My husband was looking for backpack. I needed a pressure cooker. The time was discussed in Boston bombing case. Then my very enthusiastic 20-year-old son might have just searched for 'Bomb' by searching for interest. Take lessons from this incident. '


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Facebook launched an ambitious project to deliver the Internet through solar-powered drones in remote remote areas of the world, detached from the Internet. But due to the limitations, the project closed the world's largest social network Facebook.

In the experimental stage, this project faces various adversities. Internet drone fans fall and fall into the ground. The solar drone was destroyed in the desert. Besides, Facebook's inexperience is also evident in drone-sensitive technologies.

Facebook launched the Aquila Internet drone project in 2014. Recently, Facebook has informed about the closure of the project in a news release on its coding sub-site.

But if the project is closed, but in the future, Facebook can partner with the company like Airbus. In that case, the long experience of Airbus can be used by Facebook.


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Apple and Samsung ended seven years of conflict with iPhone patents. On Wednesday, two companies of the United States have called for a compromise. In exchange for unpublished money, they have been asked to compromise the case.

Seven years ago, the judge of the federal court convicted Samsung last month in a lawsuit filed on the charge of duplicate the iPhone design. At the same time, Apple was ordered to pay 53 million and 9 million dollars as compensation. Then there was a compromise between the two companies of technology.

Apple seems to be a big win for more than half a decade of judgment. Because, the company has always argued in the court that the unique design is one of the tools for success on iPhone.

In the court, they argued that Apple had broken the patent of the important design of the iPhone.

Since 2011, Apple and Samsung were fighting the case. Finally, the negotiations were not followed, but financial issues were not disclosed.

US District Court Judge Lucy Koh said that since the two parties have compromised the matter, the claims of this case have been dismissed.

Apple said in a statement that the case was more than money. It was necessary to protect the efforts of many Apple employees to work hard.

Apple said in the statement, they are very happy in the verdict of the long-running case. Because, they were able to convince judges, rival Samsung Apple imitated the product design, patented function. Money was never a major issue in this case. The verdict of the case is more than financial compensation for them. Apple has been focusing on innovation since the beginning. Due to creative innovation, the only smartphone brand has been able to hold the market dominated by the iPhone. According to customer demand, some of the hard working employees of Apple have been working continuously for product design and development of necessary features and functions. The patent case was important in evaluating Apple's product design, features and the creativity behind the creativity.

According to AFP's report, Apple and Samsung have long been patented legal battle. In 2011, a California court issued a lawsuit against South Korea-based Samsung for patent infringement, US technology firm Apple. In this case, Samsung has been accused of violating the iPhone 5's patent, design and trademark policy.

In one verdict in 2012, the court ordered Apple to pay $ 105 million as compensation to Samsung, according to Samsung. Following the verdict, Samsung appealed to reduce the compensation amount. Later, Judge Lucy Koh decreed the amount of compensation for the appeal verdict. The case was not settled yet. The complexity arises on how the amount of rebounded is calculated. If the High Court rules are issued in the context of Apple's appeal to reducing penalties, then again a hearing is needed.

Samsung was interested in paying $ 27 million as compensation for patent infringement. In the argument presented, the organization said that due to the duplicate of a design patent or patented function, the full meaning of the profit from selling a product can not be fined. Mobile devices, especially smartphones, have different types of connections. If there is a violation of the patent for a particular reference, the penalty can be determined based on the profit from that association. But it is not okay to penalize profit based on profits from the sale of the goods that were used in the product.

Earlier, in the face of this demand of Samsung, the High Court Judge transferred the case to a lower court in California without final settlement. On the other hand, Apple claims a large amount of compensation, it is calculated based on income from an iPhone model.


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Once thought, when you open Facebook, you know when you die, it is written. Yes, Facebook can also tell the date of your death. Your very important information is now in their hands. These facts can be used to predict the future of Facebook. They are creating an algorithm, which allows you to tell from the predictions of marriage to death predictions.

A Independent Online report says that Facebook's main goal is to monitor every aspect of human life. Now they are working on a new topic. Facebook will predict when people will die

Facebook has also applied for a patent application to create death prediction algorithms. The Predicting Life Changes, the first news of the patent, told the New York Times. It is said that the technology that will be called Life Change Prediction Engine, will predict the important events of Facebook user's life. It has the power of marriage, birthdays, new jobs, birth, education, and even death forecasts.

Analysts say the reason for creating such algorithms is advertising. As a result of a person's deep knowledge of life, he can show ads related to his Facebook. As the algorithm of Facebook recognizes that someone has been pregnant, children will start showing children's clothing, food advertisements in front of them.

According to Facebook's patent application, Facebook will set its own forecast by analyzing the data provided by Facebook users on their profile.

Of course, Facebook said earlier that their patent application does not mean that they will create it and use them in the future.

Recently Facebook has come under criticism for the Cambridge Analyte scandal. A UK election consultant named Cambridge Analykas was accused of handing over information on Facebook to the election campaign. Many sources have left Facebook since its formula. Among them, Apple's co-founder Steve Wozniak is in there. He said Facebook has earned a lot of money from Facebook users. But in return, users do not get anything.

Earlier Google recently announced the use of artificial intelligence to predict death. After this, Facebook said about the patent technology of this kind.

Analysts say Google's Artificial Intelligence has reached such a stage that it is almost entirely possible to predict various issues related to human life. Researchers claim that the correct answer was found in 95 percent of cases. How long will a person stay in hospital? In answer to this question, 87 percent of the perfect Google technology is perfect. Not only that, 77% of the accuracy of this model is also in the case of a person getting hospitalization again. However, this model will work only when the patient has complete information about the patient's physical condition.

In fact, the model will collect detailed information about a person from the hospital's Electronic Health Records. This technology is created in such a way that Google will predict the patient only if the patient's physical condition is complete with the information from the EHR system.

UC San Francisco, Stanford Medicine and the University of Chicago's doctors and researchers have developed this special technology. With the help of this special technology, Google will tell you the day of your death. Details of this technology have been published in 'Nature' magazine.


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Many have succeeded in life because of their own labor, intellectual and perseverance. Forgetting the pain of not getting much of the opportunity to use a little scope for the service At present, technology is one of the world's familiar face, Stuart Butterfield, Chief Executive of Cloud-based software Slack.

In addition to the $ 5 billion worth of slack, Flickr came to the world's most popular photo sharing website, Stuart Butterfield. In a BBC Online report, it is said that Stuart had spent his childhood and the same as the normal child. There was no bright light in the light of lightning, natural water guarantees. Soon after his birth, his father escaped to the United States because he did not want to go to war in Vietnam. At the time, Stewart's life was cut with a group in the remote area of ​​Canada. In a forest of British Columbia, he spent his childhood in a wooden cabin. There was no water and electricity system for three years.

In this context, Stuart told the BBC that his parents were Hippies. After birth, 'Dharma' was named after him. They wanted to leave the country at that time. But if they had to leave the country, they would have had a lot to do. So they moved towards the city.

They started living in British Columbia, Victoria, Victoria. At the age of seven, Stewart saw the computer first. From childhood, he learned computer program work. Apple was the first generation of computers created by his computer.

The current personal wealth of Stuart Butterfield, founder of business-friendly messaging application Slack, is $ 65 million or around 5 billion taka. Stuart, who owns so much money, has lived a very economical life.

Stuart said, "Frankly, I feel guilty if I have to spend more. An extraordinary life seems to be strange and unfamiliar to me as a Canadian. '

Stewart believes his big achievements are a fate.

Stewart said, "In the 1980's, I was seventeen years old. Then buy Apple Computer (IEE) named My parents and father. At that time, I learned to code in computer magazines.

At the age of 12, the name changed to Stewart. He learned to create basic computer games at the age of 12.

But after high school admission, Stuart lost his charm to the computer. After admission to Victoria University, he removed the attention from the computer. After completing his post graduation in philosophy. In 1997, philosophy was trying to become a professor. The internet started to be popular at that time.

Stewart said that everyone who knew how to create websites at that time was running in San Francisco. At the time the professors earned, the friends were earning double-three times than that. It was new and exciting.

Then Stuart himself left the hopes of the professor and thought of taking place in Silicon Valley.

He worked as a Web Designer for several years in Silicon Valley and in 2002 opened an online game with wife Katrina Fayk. The name of the game was 'Game Never Ending'. But the game was not popular. Then the money deposited to the two of them ended. Then they thought of doing something else. The husband and his wife started the film in just three months, the photo sharing platform 'Flickr'.

Stuart Butterfield said that the time was just right. First time the camera was coming to the market. Internet connection was being added to many homes. Their made service quickly became popular.

In 2004, the creator of Flickr, which was created in 2004, was the first website that allows people to upload photos, share, tag and comment. Just a year later, in the Internet world, Yahoo! sold the flick to just 2.5 million US dollars. After that, Stuart Butterfield apologized and said his decision was wrong. If it was too late for a while, then he could sell Flickr at a higher price.

But Stuart did not sit on Flickr. Then handed over to Flickr to do something big. Today's Slack of His New Effort The group gives easy access to co-workers.

But before making the slack, Stewart took some more initiatives. In 2009, some collaborators tried to create an online game. But he failed the attempt.

Stewart said, "During the game creation, we invented a method for internal communication. It was our very choice. It did not think of how much work it was, at the beginning. It was made for work among themselves. But a few years later we started thinking, it would be like others too. This idea was born from Slack.

Currently 80 million people are using Slack daily. Of this, 30 million users spend money for enhanced features. Slack has more than 70,000 corporate subscribers. The employees of IBM, Samsung, Twentyfirst Century Fox, Marx and Spencer have used it. By taking a few rounds of investment, the value of the slack has increased to 50 billion taka ($ 5.1 billion).

Chris Green, a technology expert with a consulting firm named Bright Lee, said, "The instances of creating something successful from an entrepreneur's failed project are rare. It can not be heard almost twice. But seeing Stuart's carrier can be understood, it's not just fate. He is working behind innovation. Finding different ways from the chaos. That's how he brought Slack and Flickr to the front.

Slack has, however, become a competitor now. As a rival of Slack, Microsoft offers a service office 365 package free of cost. The entrepreneur has announced many improved services at a cost like Zoom Slack.

Analyst Green said Slack's competition with big companies is increasing. So Slack would have to retain their innovation.

Stuart to sell Slack like Flickr? He said there is no intention to leave Slack. He had to burn many sticks till now. Luck was helpful.

Stuart said, "I am not so good that I can bring the same success. So, I want to see how far I can go with Slack. Now this is the time to watch. 


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One day that was intense, science kept it. One technology is opening the way for another technology innovation. Take the case of submarine cable spreading around the world. Not only the Internet line, researchers can see new possibilities surrounding the submarine cable. They are thinking that the effective way to detect earthquake may be the submarine cable network.

The Economist says that the opportunity to surveillance of the world was not before, now at hand. Using artificial satellites, cyclones, volcanic eruptions, and changes in the nature of human activity are now monitored. Over the decades, advanced maps and images were limited to the detectives of the developed and powerful countries, now it has come as close to the hands of everyone like Google Maps.

But most of the water in the world is below the water. It is more difficult to monitor what is happening there. The UK's National Physical Laboratory (NPL) researcher Jeussappi Murra gave a new theory. His research article has been published in Science magazine.

In that article, using a different structure under the sea, he focused on surveillance on the ocean floor.

Marra and his colleagues are suggesting that the use of the 10 million kilometer fiber-optic cable network installed under the sea. Using this network, one can go to the Internet from one continent to another continent. They are talking about using it as a huge submarine sensor.

But the researcher Murara's main target is to identify the earthquake.

The Economist says that many seismograph tools have been installed in the Earth's ground. But there is a shortage of earthquake measuring sensors under the ocean. A few of the permanent sensors have been installed on the sea level. This means that there are no small earthquakes. Because these earthquakes are gentle, they are not caught in the sensors found in the surface of the distance.

The report of the Economist also says that NPL mainly works on measurable economics. In addition to the fiber optic cable connected to other European laboratories. It is used in the synthetic cylinders of the Atomic watch. These cables are placed below the street. Because of this, the word is created in the line due to the movement of the road and the movement of the people, which inevitably interferes with measuring the proper nudge, most of the time it is canceled. Now, the use of this word-shifting technique is to be used by researchers Marra.

He proposed using different types of sounds to identify the earthquake. His plan is to send high quality laser beams to the optical fiber in the cable. On the other end, that fiber is connected to another fiber of the same cable, which creates a loop or leash on the return journey. As a result of the near earthquake, when the seismic wave is created somewhere, this laser light will remove something from its state. Inequality or disorder is very small. The equipment that can detect the difference from Femetoscendes will be needed to catch this fine difference. One Femetoscend is one millionth part of a billion.

The researcher Murray's idea came in great work. For example, in the year 2016, NPL was able to detect a 6 magnitude earthquake, which hit Central Italy. It can be caught in fiber optic cable. It is found in the Reading Center at Reading Center, London, 79 kilometers from NPL's office. In the year 2017, another test was conducted between 96 kilometers of water under the water between Malta and Sicily. It can hold an earthquake of 3 decimal 4. The epicenter of the quake was 89 kilometers away from the site.

Researchers say, the advantage of using only the bottom of the ocean is that the level of noise or noise is reduced. The sound of the background in the cable of Sicily-Malta was insignificant. However, the researchers have not yet tested the long cables completely under the sea. But they hope that when they do research on this, find more uncompromising signals. It is possible to identify the information of many earthquakes that are not caught in the present time. It can be a blessing to geologists.

Researchers say there are other uses of their invented methods. Basically this can be the source of any word; Due to the change in the location of dolphins or whales due to gas lyrics, especially in oil or gas exploration.

Although the submarine-made submarine can offer only the full data below 70 percent of the world's water, it can be called the real world wide web.


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AFP file image
Google's proprietary video service has added a new feature to the YouTube platform. Using the feature 'Primers' feature in the new feature, video makers will be able to play previously recorded videos live or live broadcast videos.

YouTube's Chief Product Officer Neel Mohan said in a blog post Thursday that the facility of playing recorded videos as live has begun. Soon it will reach everyone. When the creator or video producer opens a video in the premier name, it will create a landing page for everyone. There will be a chatting option for those video viewers. Video creators can take part in live chat with viewers.

Mohan said that the whole community is watching the last uploaded video sitting in a theater in a community. Provided access to some of the selected YouTube users in the beginning.

In addition to the premiere, YouTube has launched a feature called 'Merchandise Integration'. Under this video, manufacturers will be able to show their own products as shirts and magazines. That means, the video makers will get the opportunity to earn additional revenue through displaying ads.

Apart from this, the new feature called 'Feature Integration' has been added to YouTube. Through this, various brands of YouTube video makers can rent out to create their content. No date yet to launch the feature.

YouTube announced on 20th to 23th June at the Videcon US2018 conference in California, California in the United States.

Mohan said that on YouTube there are more than 190 million users in the month. Local versions of 90 languages ​​are running in 80 languages. They have reached to anyone who has mobile phones and internet connections.


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The world's most powerful supercomputer summit. Photo: Reuters
US researchers opened the world's most powerful and advanced scientific supercomputer. This super computer can complete two million trillion calculations per second. This computer can be used in the study of topics such as energy production, advanced materials research and artificial intelligence.

US Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) is the name of the supercomputable computer called 'Summit'. It is now eight times more powerful than the most powerful super computer titan in America. In the case of certain scientific research, it can complete more than three billion accounts.

US computer maker IBM and chip maker Nvidia worked together to create supercomputers. It is basically IBM AC 922 system, which has 4608 computer servers. Each server has two 22-core IBM Power 9 processors and six Envida Tesla VS 100 graphics processing unit accelerators.

Before coming to the summit, the world's fastest supercomputer was the fifth place in the list of countries, the United States The country is returning to top of supercomputer summit.
According to a report in The World, IBM and the United States Department of Energy released the latest supercomputer of the US last week.

China's Sunway Taihu Lite is the most powerful computer in the world. Its ability to calculate 200 petaflops or 200,000 trillion per second. The United States claims that the Summit Super Computer will be able to work at twice the speed of the soah lights.

The super computer made at a cost of $ 200 million is capable of running at less electricity costs. So, where 15 MW of electricity is required, the Summit will take 13 MW of electricity.

Top 500 companies in the list of the best 500 supercomputers in the year of the speed of the release. Top 500 reports from the survey by Leinchak Benchmarch, with the help of German and American experts. Summit will be the top computer after the new ranking is published later this month.


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Some researchers from the United States have created computer algorithms that are useful for examining open-ended research. Symbolic picture: Reuters
The end of the writing process is written in the name of the personal data in the report. The method of finding the gap between the data presented in the research paper and the dishonesty of the researcher has come. According to a report by the Economist, some of the US researchers have created computer algorithms that are useful for examining the gap between published research. The algorithm set by them could potentially be a blessing for journal or editorial editors.

Economists say that the data used in scientific research, which is often used to be open, is not open to everyone. The researchers were asked about the source of the data. But sometimes it does not get to be possible. Of course, now there are some changes in mentality. Yet many researchers still claim to own ownership of their data source. These data have been collected and analyzed by their claims and they do not want to exchange with other rivals.

Although this view of the research seems to be 'self-centered', its cause is unknown and it is considered to be normal. But there are also bad aspects of claiming that the data of research is itself. There may be many occasions to achieve the secret purpose. The statistics that are presented in a study paper may have been curtailed to achieve specific and desired results. In other words, the writer or researcher can take refuge in cheating. If he opens the original source of that data, then his betrayal can become obvious and he can be caught as a fraud. So he wants the source to be hidden.

But that opportunity may not be in the future. Because, it will be difficult to hide information. Specifically, if a data set is set to a full number of data within a known range, it will be more difficult. In response to many questions such as psychological testing. If researchers take cheating in such a data set, it will be easily caught.

Illinois University researcher Shawn Wilner and his colleagues found a solution to the issue. They have created a special type of algorithm. They presented the topic in a research article called 'Syivevik Preintents'. They produced the results criteria that algorithms have created, their name is 'Complete Recovery of Values ​​in Diophantine System' or 'Carvids in Short'.

Researchers have claimed that, in the case of any research data, carvings can be used. If you can not show a valid data set in Corvids while showing any results, then the results will obviously be doubtful. If it can show a well-organized data set, it can be easily understood whether it is trustworthy or not.

The technique of Cravids is that it uses mathematical formulas to find all possible coordinates of numbers. To find possible irregularities, the converts potential data sets into a histogram and create three-dimensional charts. This makes any unusual structure visible. Under this method, if there is any bias in the information collection or if there is fraud in the data then it can be found.

Those who review or edit academic journals may be blessed with the blessing of the Cowwids. You will be able to catch the problem of the paper submitted at the beginning. Then he can tell the problem to the writer or researcher. It will not be necessary to collect statistics by taking separate data related to each research. If there is any unsafe problem, the opportunity to work on systemic issues will be created.

Karvids also has some weaknesses. In some cases it may take a long time to run.

However, there are other algorithms called 'Sample Parameter Reconstruction Via Ethertev Techniques' or 'Sprite' to fill the deficit in the taxways.

James Heather of North Eastern University in Boston, USA, describes the story of Spirits in the 'Pierre's Priions' magazine. According to him, the Sprite is the 'Heuristic Search Algorithm'. This means that it can not show all possible results in this method. However, it can speed up early primary work. If it does not show any strange data, it can be trusted.

The Economist says that many statistical reports of statistics have spread in the study articles. Now there are many available randomized research. This kind of fraud can easily be caught due to the presence of the algorithm, such as carvids and sprays. In the field of scientific research the credibility of the study will move one step further.


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Shawmo logo
After the developing world, China's smart phone maker Shaoomi has been looking to increase business in Europe. For this, they are planning to spend a large portion of the $ 610 million collected from the capital market in the European market.

According to the plan, Shawmy is going to be listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on July 9th. As part of this process, the organization has been issuing 218 million ordinary shares of the primary public offering (IPO). Each share is being sold at 2.4 to 15 decimal US dollars.

Reuters reports that Shawmi's co-founder and chief executive officer (CEO) Li Jun said in a press conference in Hong Kong last Saturday, "One person asked me whether we will expand the business in developing countries. Last year we entered the European market. From then on we have realized that there is our "MI" fan.

Shawmy will spend in three countries - Spain, Russia and Indonesia - with funding from the capital markets. Focusing on the Chinese market, Shawmi opened their first flagship store or sales center in Paris, the capital of France.

In addition to Europe, the company is planning to come to the market. In this context, Shawmi's co-founder Wang Chuan said, "We are hopeful of improving the relationship between China and China."

According to AFP news, the company has signed a contract with Sike Hutchison to enter the UK and European markets. In the last year, after the start of the Spanish market, Shoomi received a positive response. Now Sike Hutchison will be able to sell smartphones in other markets in Europe.

Reports of news agency Reuters reported that Shawmi will open three stores in the UK under the Telecom firm in Sieki Hutchins. Shawmy products will be sold from there. Besides, the Chinese company will sell smartphones in Austria, Denmark, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Sweden, through the three groups stores.

In the past year, Shawmy's chairman Lei Jun indicated that he would start operations in Europe. She said that Shawmi will come to the US market at the end of 2018 or early 2015. Shawmy is now selling the Android TV set-top box 'M-TV' in the United States. But the success of the US market is dependent on law and mobile providers.

In 2010, the journey began with Shawomir. Then, in less than eight years, Shawmy was established as the world's fastest growing smartphone brand. In the first quarter of this year (January-March), Shoomi has sold 27 million smartphones, which is 88 percent higher than the previous year. Shawmy will spend 30 percent of the money collected from the capital market to raise the quality of service to existing customers in China.


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The social media giant has launched a new feature to tell how much time users spend on Facebook daily. The details of how much time a customer is spending on Facebook each week through the features of 'Your Time on Facebook' will be announced.

In addition to this, the user's daily average time on Facebook can be known with this feature. News of the news It is said in the report that the new feature will allow the customer to set a deadline for using Facebook. And subscribers receive a link to control Facebook notifications.

"We are always working to ensure that the time spent on a customer's Facebook account is good," said a Facebook spokesman, according to a Facebook spokesman. Earlier, Apple and Google had opened similar features to show the time spent on computers and smartphones.

It is also said in the report that since both iOS and Android have opened their own dashboard to monitor devices, this move of Facebook is so important. Customers can view iOS and Android dashboards for more time in any of these apps. The devices can warn customers about this. If the time limit is exceeded then the customer is locked.

Facebook's claim feature is still in development. The company has recently opened it for a few subscribers. However, it is not known whether the feature is open for all customers.


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On Facebook, people like to get news and read from there. The news publishers then spread the news to the reader using the Facebook platform. Their content dragged users to Facebook. Facebook is rich in it. Increases the revenue of Facebook, leads to advertisements. But news publishers are deprived of the expected income. The advertisers turned away from them. But Facebook could not create a specific business model for publishers in those days. Prior to that several times, some have tried to model. But failed every time.

Facebook means new test-audit. The news publishers are also going through various examinations. Earlier, the news publishers opened a Facebook account with the opportunity to earn money and a service called Instant Article. Publish news on Facebook is a way to earn money for publishers. But this effort did not please the publishers. It can be said, it is a failed attempt. Then Facebook made an effort with live video. The Facebook authorities said they paid money from Facebook as an effort to bring a lot of live video to Facebook. But this effort has not seen much success. Many people have left the live video without getting enough money.

Technology website Rikode says, Facebook has taken another initiative again. Recently Facebook has announced the introduction of news programs for news publishers in the category of Facebook Watch Program. Along with the new business plan, live video publication rules have similarities. Through this initiative, the media company or publisher will publish news on Facebook, Facebook will pay their money. Outside of the program, there will be opportunities to earn additional income by advertising in the break.

According to CNN's report, Facebook will sign a contract with organizations that will be made available to Facebook and will be broadcast on Facebook. From now on news media like ABC, CNN and Fox News will be seen on Facebook. These shows will be broadcast on Facebook under Facebook's own 'Video Service'. In the meantime, a partnership agreement has already been signed with the media.

Since the allegations of spying, Facebook has been making various efforts to restore the trust of their users. And this initiative is the effort that they believe will develop their relationship with the news industry.

Campbell Brown, head of Facebook's Global News Partnership, said, "We have given more emphasis on quality than the number for six months. Now we are going to invest in increasing the number of standard news on Facebook.

Facebook's early shorts will be made on the basis of a broad broadcast television show. Whereas ABC, CNN and Fox News will be seen as the best-known journalists. Apart from this, some shows will be shown in ATN, Mike and Alabama. Brown told CNN, Facebook is also negotiating with other news agencies. More announcements may come later this month

Ricod says the company is moving ahead with similar plans for other 'watch' programs on Facebook. However, how it works, it is not yet clear. It is believed that Facebook will be given more money in the initially contracted major companies. Among them are regular events of CNN's Anderson Kuiper, Fox News's Sep Smith Program, ABC News, Univision and MIC.

The question is, where the previous attempts are failing, how is it possible to succeed in such a program?

The problem is - publishers' earnings are slightly lower than those attempted to create a program or video for Facebook. Facebook does not hesitate to spend any money from pocket for those publishers who work for Facebook Publishers will have to catch visitors for their videos or events in their own initiative. There is no substitute for earning money from these programs. There is also the cost of creating the program outside.

One thing to remember, Facebook is not known to be the destination of videos like YouTube or Netflix. So it is difficult to attract visitors to Facebook videos. Facebook is working on the issue. Besides, news publishers are also keen to keep pace with it, and Facebook is experimenting with another plan. If this initiative is successful, it will be good for Facebook. But the news publishers are happy about whether they are happy to see that.


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China has been pushing for the elimination of digital discrimination between cities and villages. And this is why the country is giving importance to the Internet, the country According to the plan, the country is planning to deliver high-speed Internet services in all the poor villages within the next three years. It is expected that new employment will be created and digital discrimination will be eliminated, policy makers hopeful

The country is taking this step as part of the reduction of digital discrimination between poor villages and urban areas. The number of poor registered villages in China is 1,22,900

Ministry of Telecommunication will work to provide broadband and mobile phone services to 4G data networks and two types of internet services. They will also encourage telecom operators to offer special discount in these areas to provide quality internet services at low cost.

Within 2020, 98 percent of the villages will be provided internet services, said China.


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Militant organizations have been struggling in the fund crisis. Information about the collection of money from terrorist organizations from a group of businessmen, industrialists and expatriates from outside the country has been detected in the intelligence network. Because of this, no one else is calling for their own dangers by funding their funds. So they have taken different strategies to fund the crisis. Militants have been involved in drug trade, robbery and robbery. Most recently, the militants committed 17 hijackings and robberies. At the time, 50-odd militant members were arrested by law and order.

The law enforcers of the arrested people said that it is not permissible to steal, robbery and robbery in the Quran-Hadith, crime. Then the law enforcers told the detainees that it is illegal for the organization to bring robbery and robbery. The top leaders of militant outfits have fielded the fatwa by field level members. It is believed that ground level members were brainwashed by brainwashing. Because of this, many people are not aware of the hijacking - and taking drugs business and collecting the organization's funds.

According to sources, the arrest of militants of different organizations from different places of the country including Dhaka. But there is less chance of being confused. They are trying to collect funds through various criminal activities including robbery, snatching. Detectives have learned that the leaders in the hiding continue to keep the organizational work secret. In the meantime, drug trading is a part of militant activities. Already some of the gurus were arrested with drugs. Robbery robbery and robbery money are 4 percent. For one share of the weapon, the weapons from where the weapons were brought are given. The second part is spent on various vehicles and logistics support. For the third part of the organization and the fourth part of those who robbed, robbed.

It has been learned from the findings that, in 2003-2004, the banned militant outfit JMB began collecting funds by robbery in different NGOs of Grameen Bank, BRAC, in different areas of the northern region. Later, they regularly collect funds for robbery, robbery and drug trade. Recently, members of the militant organization in Kaunia of Rangpur looted six lakh rupees in afternoon shops. 8 lakh taka from a house in Bogra Sabgram, Tk 35 lakh from a garment factory in Gazipur, militants looted and robbed 28 lakh rupees from Balidadanga village of Thakurgaon. Besides, militants looted Tk 4 lakh of cigarette selling in Sundarganj in Gaibandha. The militants hijacked a policeman's motorcycle in Gaibandhar jatra pandale. Militants robbed Bangladesh Commerce Bank in Kathghara Bazar in Ashulia, Dhaka. In this incident 8 people including bank employees were killed and militants looted Tk. 7 lakhs. JMB members Fazlul Haque Anil caught in the hands of looting gold shops in Nansingdi. Later, the involvement of other militant members was found in the investigation of the case. In Jamalpur, a JMB member was killed in a ruckus at the Explosive Filling Station in Dinajpur with 4 pistols and three members of the JMB. Four detained JMB members have confessed confessional statement to the court in 164 of the Criminal Procedure Code.

In West Nakhalpara, the cellphone businessman's house number 327/1 and the GP-30 of South Mohakhali, militants by robbing a businessman in Russell's house. In connection with the robbery case of Banani Police, the Joint Police Inspector of Lalmonirhat CTCC and Police Headquarters conducted the operation with the arrest of 11 people, 67 kilograms of gold, 6 lakhs, 4 pistols, 5 magazines, 10 rounds of bullets, 9 bombshells and 4 laptops. A bomb exploded in Rajshahi to make a bomb in a house. Khatakhali Hariwan Rahman Jute Mill, the militants hijacked Tk 17 lakhs of employees' salaries. They recently hijacked Tk 60,000 from the Leaf Leaf Company in Motihar Police Station area. The three militant members involved in the hijacking are Mahi, Saikat and Bulbul. The Kahor Gold Leaf Company of Durgapur Police station robbed 46 thousand taka of the company. Babar, Mahi, Saikat, Shaheen and Bulbul are among the five militant members involved in the hijacking.

Many officials of the law and order told Ittefaq, along with hijacking, robbery as well as militants have been doing Yaba business. Meanwhile, several people were arrested with Yawas. They told the members of the law enforcement agencies that a section of Yaba trader syndicate of Teknaf and Chittagong area was involved in militant activities. Through them the militants have been supplying yaba in the northern region including Dhaka. 10 militants including Yaba Shiban were arrested.

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There is no chance of web browsing in the violence of cyber criminals. If you do not have any kind of protection, then your information can be handled by online hackers. Not only that, online marketers will also bring you in a tight online life, the trouble with online advertising. You have to take help of some tools to stay safe online. We have organized this year with some of the tools.

Tor Web Browser

Your webpage visits information is stored when browsing through a common web browser. As well as your IP address is also submitted. If you want to keep your activities out of sight during web browsing, Tor Web browser may be helpful. Tor network can drive traffic in such a way that it is impossible to tell the browsing activities of this browser. Almost all websites from this browser have the opportunity to travel to Anonymous. If you want to use this browser, please visit www.torproject.org/download/download.html

 Metro password manager

There are no alternatives to using strong passwords in online account management. But remembering that creating thousands of online accounts for a different password is extremely difficult. The METRO password manager can make that work easier. This browser-based password manager can save all your online account passwords. And then after setting a master password for this service, remember that password is your job. The open-source password manager can be used in all the top browsers. To use it, visit www.mitro.co

GPG (encrypted mail)

Without email delivery, there is no day in modern life. In order to protect this email exchange, PGP came to market in 1991. But it was not use-friendly. For this purpose you can use the GPG or Zenewife Privacy Guard. For Windows, Mac and Linux, this service can be used to secure email. This works for any of your current email addresses. Until now, technology analysts have recognized GPG as the best in email security. As a result, protect your important and sensitive email communications using GPG. To use it, visit www.gnupg.org/download/index.html

Ghostari (anti-tracking tool)

There is no shortage of service to track your activities while traveling online. But who are the people who are tracking you all the time, it is not easy to know. An anti-tracking tool named Ghostari will help you to do this. As long as you are online, you will be informed about how tracked you are and who is tracking them. As a result, some companies are getting your information and preparing the ads for you, you can learn from Ghostari. Not only this, it can also block these tracking. Almost all desktop and mobile browsers have a different version of Ghostar. To use it, visit www.ghostery.com

Postal post (search engine)

Google has become synonymous with search engines this time. However, the interesting thing is that using Google account is as long as you're searching for something online, all of your searches are saved on Google's servers. On the other hand Google merchants are getting ready for you based on your search information. Google has to rely on these online marketers to survive. As a result, Google may keep others' access to your information. A search engine that does not store any information on your search as a search engine is a postal mail. Even though this browser does not have much contact yet, technology experts advise you to use it for the safety of your online habits. There are also different mobile apps for any browser. To use it, please visit https://duckduckgo.com.


Uganda is seen as a revenue source for social media users, including Facebook. A law has recently been passed in the country's parliament, under which every user will have to pay 200 cents a day to use Facebook.

The new law passed in Uganda parliament on Wednesday. The tax will start from next July. It says that if using Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp, every day 200 shillings (equal to $ 0.0531) should be taxed, which is equivalent to about $ 19 a year.

The country's GDP per capita is just $ 615.

This tax will be deducted by the mobile phone operators' SIM. Users can access any social media using an Internet connected SIM.

Human rights activists condemned the government's decision. Their demands have been made as a tool to prevent free speech and anti-government propaganda.


We are not 100% protected by internet access. And so they need to always be aware of the use of the internet. Malishash Web site, Malware and Virus are available on the Internet. Using these weapons, hackers enter your computer. And so beware to get rid of hackers right now.

We all use antivirus to keep the computer safe. But if you use Google Chrome, then you will get the computer protection options in the browser. Let's see how Google Chrome will launch this malware scanning feature -

Unlock Chrome Inbuilt Malware Scanner by following the steps below-

1. Open your computer's Chrome browser.
2. Click the three dot menu button on top right.
3. Select 'Advanced' by clicking on 'Settings'.
4. At the bottom of the screen you will find the 'Clean Up Computer' option, click here.
5. Click on 'Find and Remove Harmful Software'. It is a chrome malware detection tool.
6. Now clicking on 'Find' Chrome will start searching malware on your computer.
7. If the scan ends, then it will give the option to 'remove' chrome. If you do not get it, you will say 'No Harmful Software Found'.

From now on, scan the computer to scan the chrome: // settings / cleanup in the address bar and press Enter will start this scan. If this option does not work then update your chrome.

In this process Google Chrome scans the following files-

Program metadata, programs running on computers, service and processes, scheduling tasks, system registry values, windows proxy settings etc.

If you do not want to send your scan report to Google, uncheck 'Report Details to Google'. Even though this malware scan does not scan all the files, the computer should always keep an antivirus.

sourch: BD 24 Live / RI

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Social media Facebook is known about text or video sharing options. But there was a shortage of voice or audio so long. But now the initiative has been taken to fill the deficit, the company has taken the initiative to meet the deficit. Through Facebook you can give voice status or post.

Facebook is experimenting with a new feature called 'Ad Voice Clip'. From this feature, you can add Facebook as a status to your voice or any other word.

Not just testing, recently launched a voice-sharing option for a number of users in India on experimental basis.

Those who have this option on Facebook will find the 'Add Voice Clip' button in the status compose menu. From there, short audio clips can be recorded and posted in status format. Analysts are still thinking that soon all Facebook users will find it.

Facebook authorities say that voice is more intimate than video and easier than video recording. And so the voice status will increase the user's intensity more. In addition to the international language, which is to deal with different language keyboards, voice clip status will allow them to express their views without interruption.

Facebook has not yet announced the benefits of all Facebook users.


Many people are now using various applications for messaging. Already messenger, services like WhatsApp have gained popularity. USA's retail giant Amazon has created messaging services this time. The company is making a messaging platform named 'animeam'. This is basically the application. You can make voice and video calls using this app. In addition, users will have the opportunity to encrypt or save their information and messages.

Now Amazon has created service for customers or business customers. In addition to sending text messages this time, the company runs the application for everyone, with the other benefits.

The company is currently conducting experiments with the features of anime. It does not need a phone number to connect with friends. There will also be video call facility. That means the option of WhatsApp will be anime. You can play group games with friends at the anime. GIF, emoji, sticker support will be in it. The company did not officially announce when the app will be launched smoothly.


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After six months of hard work, the AGNCY team and their Crowdsourcing, the Labor Collection Violence Collection Service, has recently been declared the winner of the 5th Annual Telenor Youth Forum held in Bangkok. The UN-Sustainable Development Goal, built around # 10, will serve as a digital alert for workers in glass bottles. Telenor Youth Forum's 2017-2018 program ended 31 May at the Detroq Headquarters in Bangkok. At this event, 24 young leaders of 12 countries presented their 4 new services to Nobel Peace Center Executive Director, Live Torres and Telenor Group's Chief Corporate Affairs Officer Owenche Aegup, among others.

Digital Bottle in Glass Bottle

The winning team, AGNCY, will receive advice of more than 15,000 US Dollars and their Telenor mentor to work for further development of this service in Bangladesh and Myanmar. According to the United Nations sustainable development target # 10, Telenor is committed to reducing inequality through its service, and the organization believes that the service of the winning team AGNCY will be helpful in reducing the inequality for working people worldwide. Grameenphone CEO Michael Foly was the mentor of team AGNCY. One of the two representatives of Bangladeshi delegation, Mia Mo Khaiing, was a key member of the team in the Telenor Youth Forum last year. He is now working in Grameenphone. The other three services presented to the jury are the use of Big Data to prevent malaria; Counseling on child safety online for children with disabilities

Speaking on this occasion, CEO of Grameenphone Michael Foly said, "This service will be very useful in Bangladesh because there is a lack of proper supervision to avoid many acts of violation of labor rights. Grameenphone is always auspicious for labor rights and environmental protection law, and if we take the fullest pleasure of this service, then it will play a big role in ensuring labor rights in the country.

Six months journey to Telenor youth forum

In December 2010, Telenor Youth Forum started the Oslo Nobel Peace Prize. Here, 24 representatives are divided into 4 groups, each group is asked to solve a social problem. Since then, the groups were busy creating their ideas, research at customer level and creating prototypes of their services, which ended in Bangkok.

Telenor Group's Chief Corporate Affairs officer Owenche Aegup said, "We have pledged to meet the standards of Telen's global position, our standards and the skills of our staff, in the way of equality." Providing technology to talented young people can also help in reducing inequality. I believe in the possibility of AGNCY and are looking forward to seeing how they are in the future.

Collaborate with the Nobel Peace Center

Telenor Youth Forum is a global platform that leads to the idea of dealing with talented youth in reducing inequality. In collaboration with Nobel Peace Center, this forum brings together young leaders / leaders around the world to create a digital solution for empowerment of society.

Appointment of 24 successful candidates from 8000 applicants in the program for the year 2007-18 are being selected for the year 2018-19 Telenor Ioth forum. To find out more, visit www.telenor.com/youthfourm at this address


Though the destination is different, but the smartphone and laptops are moving in the equator. Smartphones are advanced and the goal of laptops is to eliminate It's a matter of fact, the laptop works well on the smartphone, why not just carry two devices? But Intel has different ideas. In the computational fair this year, the company showed a two-screen laptop computer (or notebook?). Intel says, 'the future of laptops'.

The 7-inch screen on the side of Windows 7 runs in Windows 7. The curtains on the other side But if you want to write it like a notebook style, you can type it like a keyboard. If you want to do it again together, all of them are on top of the touchscreen. After finishing the work, it can be folded like a notebook.

Intel has not disclosed any plan to deal with a commercial or a deal with a partner. There are still concepts in concept. Taiwan has made experimental versions for the computational fair. Pseudonym 'Tiger Rapids'.

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