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Do not search Google.

What is most at risk in the world of technology is the confidentiality of privacy that is confidentiality in the world of technology. It is really difficult to protect it. Google, Bing, Yahoo or other search engines keep track of users' IP addresses and search issues. Google has highlighted their privacy and terms in FACS (Frequently Asked Questions). But how many of us we read or read.

Something that reveals the position

Experts have found that analyzing someone's history is not a matter of his birthland, city, neighbor, age and gender. But the person who is searching is probably going to find the information without thinking about it. A year ago, New York Times columnist David Leonhard explains how to change the rules of the search with geographical location. Those who search more general social security, special weapons or specific things, they live in economically displaced countries or regions. In this way, Google will give the address of the home address on a particular subject, Google

Healthy or medicinal

A healthier information about the sensitive information in your life. Company reserves the right to record your IP address or Google account information, including the information that Google places on search. Tim Liberat, a researcher at the University of Pennsylvania's Anneberg School for Communication, found that 80 percent of the people seeking health information went to the third party. If someone gives a search on HIV / AIDS, then analyzing the history of his past history with that, he will be removed from the AIDS patient.

Regarding insecurity

Know about insecurity, become a dirty trick of many companies' business. Any people want freedom from insecurity. Again, these are one of the weaknesses, which becomes an opportunity for criminals. So when you report your weaknesses in Google, then you are also at risk.

Something suspicious

Years ago a story spread widely on the Internet. A US family was detained for finding suspicious objects in Google. The family members had read several times by writing backpack and 'pressure cooker bombs'. After the housewife said, 'My husband was looking for backpack. I needed a pressure cooker. The time was discussed in Boston bombing case. Then my very enthusiastic 20-year-old son might have just searched for 'Bomb' by searching for interest. Take lessons from this incident. '


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