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Myanmar's Christian Kachins are now fleeing after Muslim Rohingyas

The news of the conflict with the Kachin rebels in the north has not been very recent due to the Rohingya crisis in Myanmar west. But thousands of civilians were fleeing in the battle of the country suddenly being intensely.

It is reported that Myanmar's government forces carried out air raids and gunfire on the positions of Kachin Independence Armies fighters.

This resulted in thousands of people fleeing the homesteads and taking refuge in areas adjacent to China border. The United Nations says that at least 10 thousand people fled the house this year. And in April alone, only four thousand of them fled.

The people of the Kachin community are mainly Christian and since 1961 they have been fighting to establish the autonomous region of Buddhist-majority Myanmar. The KIA rebels have a lot of weapons and they are considered to be one of the strongest rebel groups.

The BBC's correspondent says the situation has taken a serious turn over the past few days. It is said in the news that, in the final fight, the government forces occupied a number of bases of Kachin fighters and pushed them towards the border area.

According to a UN report, incidents of extrajudicial killings, torture and sexual violence in Kachin areas have increased in recent times.

Myanmar leader Aung San Suu Kyi was criticized for failing to stop human rights violations and not allowing relief.

The United Nations has released 1,020,000 Kachin homes so far

The staff of various aid organizations have called upon the Myanmar government to allow them to go there.

UN officials say that due to this war, hundreds of hundred people have lost their lives in northern Myanmar.

A rebel spokesman told Reuters, "There was no such clash ever since the war started more than 50 years ago."

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