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Apple - Google does not want you to keep up with the phone

Do you use smartphones too much? Apple-like phone makers, but for your low phone use. Of course there are reasons. One of the reasons is addiction. If you get addicted to the mobile phone, it will reduce its usage or start thinking alternative. So Apple-Google wants to control the use of smartphones.

Recently Apple and Google have unveiled some of the features that reduce the use of their technology, including smartphones. Technology companies generally want their products to be sold more and people's heads just go about their products. Technology companies are also thinking about the opposite.

In a recent report published in the Online Platform Medium, it is said that the use of technology will benefit the technology companies. The more the phone is used, the more they gain. Income from the apps and advertisements there will increase. But in the long run, it is not rosy. So Apple and Google have to reduce their addiction to people in their own interests.

Many people use mobile phones for less use.

Appetite to Apple and Google harmful behavior; Rather, a healthy habit of using digital devices makes them more profitable.

For example, the condition of car seatbelt can be found. In 1968 the federal government made the seatbelt compulsory in the car. 19 years before the law, US car makers started giving belts as a feature of the car. This is good news for the car makers because of the law and the demand of users. The sales of the car makers increased.

Experts say the example of those cars and seat belts in the case of smartphones is ideal. Through the third party app, smartphone users can monitor the use of technology and spend time online.

Digital instability is decreasing to stop going to specific sites, seeing how much time is spent online. Apple and Google have announced such a tool. Smartphone usage will be in control. This is what the makers of smartphones


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