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Be careful, the important information on the smartphone can be leaked!

Not many are left without smartphones. But there is a dangerous danger hidden in this smartphone. Those who use Android operating system-powered smartphones are more likely to steal important information.

A recent study found that some popular apps on Android phones are recording user interactions and monitoring the usage of smartphones. The most dangerous thing is that screenshots of important smartphone information are being sent and they are sending video files to the miscreants.

Researchers say that the user's smartphone, the video and the screenshots contained in the username, password, credit card number, and personal important information

David Sophens, professor of Boston University of Northwestern University, said, "We have seen that every Android phone app has the ability to record the user's smartphone screen activity. What's the type of smartphone that is typed, the app can record.

According to the IANS report, the results of the study will be published in the 'Privacy Enhancing Technology Symposium Conference' program in Barcelona.

For this study, researchers run 17,000 applications of Android platforms. It uses the automatic test method of the students. It can be seen that nine thousand apps in 17 thousand apps have the ability to take screenshots.

The researcher, Christo Wilson, said there was no evidence to reveal the audio data from the app at the beginning. Later, an unexpected thing came forward. It is seen that apps are automatically sending screenshots to third parties.

Researchers say, how easy to break smartphone privacy by research can be used to profit yourself.

Wilson said that such information may be collected and used for harmful purposes. The most dangerous thing is that the user is unknowingly collecting data without his permission.

Researchers say that there is no reason to think other platforms are safe because only Android phones have been tested.


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