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Canada's Facebook

Facebook has proved that at the end of the day, there is no muffatting in this market world. At least the Ophnanyu (pseudonym) and this wonder lamp of Zacarbagan is not going to be lit. The status of Facebook was doubled twice, he wanted to buy a new motorbike, and asked to leave his job again. Since then, Facebook's wall wall has spread over the advertisement of new motorcycles. After some time the article of Business Insider is coming, how to quit the job.

If you can stay in Facebook on muffat, then cash can be spent on keeping the object online for free. To pay the cost to Facebook is to market At the moment, our privacy is the biggest product. Privacy is our personal choice. When it comes to market, you will not have trouble in selling your products like Banyon.

Just what market? Our likes and dislikes, not all-about-the-minded-minded, nose-racket is going on online now. Kimberri's analytics kissing, everyone must remember. Analysts searched for the rights of the American people by pointing out various Facebook apps, and finding the right-wing of Kuldhari.

Donald Trump Saheb is going to become President of America by defeating Hillary in that kind of story. At least for four years; The way the wind is blowing, I would not be surprised if the oval office would be tired for four more years. Think, all this has been the footprint of Facebook Curriculum of Cambridge Analykt.

Demanding all our information, thoughts, fears, and selling everything in democracy market. This means that if you have a strong pressure on your tanks, you can also give up the US election. Personal information such as Murod. If you can get it out of your mouth, then you will have to do absolutely.

The American Senate is completely shaken by these reports; The people of the mind, how are the seeds of mistrust grinding grain. The US government has dragged the special senate hearing into the suit by holding the Facebook head in the ears. But Facebook is no longer in the place of faith. The people of the world are looking for something new.

The Israeli data miner Liram Sorani's thinking is going on the other side. He is all set to walk in the dark lane instead of the shimmering highway of Facebook. While walking in the dark, there must be enough caution.

Liram Sarani is talking about tor or VPN browser without using the Internet on Google or other search engines. If the internet highway compares to a city, like the street in the dark web city; All the thieves and thieves are there. Confidentiality may be found, as well as behind the dark world elements.

Dark Web hackers, pornographers, revolutionaries-all have to be shocked by the name, because of the unimportant foul-talk of people. Fulfilling the need to keep your information hidden is the need to keep the information hidden. And Kadaliraj's criticism in the country of Kadali republics is also found to have the happiness of throwing a diagonal sentence. Do not dump the information from this Google's Facebook chest and sell it to anyone. The new President will not be able to sit on the neck by selling our hidden preferences. Kadaliraj's anger does not have to be burdened.

Liram thinks sarai other words. According to him, Facebook users are all adult. We have enough old age to think about the need to take the risk of walking on the go. If we are in danger after walking in the open, we will get the result of our responsibility as well as our personal information is hidden.

Dark Web, Blockchain - These two might be the introduction of a new secret Facebook. Who has created this blockchain? In fact, everyone knows its pseudonymous creator, Satoshi Nakamoto. Digital technology will be transmitted to this technology, but there is no chance of copying. Bitcoin-like events have been created on the shoulders of this technology.

Dark Web, Blockacain is the new world dreaming of Liram Sorani, the world of the Internet will be the mass of people. Liram Sarani wants to regulate the control of the Internet again. According to him, this virtual world is like a state, where the rules are made in the interaction of the state citizen.

Canada's Facebook can be a revolution in the eyes of Liram Sarani. And all the revolution is born in a dingy, dirty, cheaper street. The French Revolution was started in a dirty tragedy of Parri. This web of Dark Web is similar to that of Facebook. In the beginning, there is a ruckus on the road, dirt on the road, the furious character around But this huffgo may start to enjoy control of your own life again. Saraani is thinking so much.


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