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Chip error, the technology world at risk

All the chipsets of the iPhone, iPad and Mac computers have been found to be critical. In this week, computer chips have been found in two hardware bugs called Meltdown and Specter. The miscreants can capture information stored on computer by using this error due to the bug. Since the knowledge of this, the technology-makers have grown up to correct the error.

Technology analysts say millions of PCs, smartphones and tablets around the world have two bugs or hardware errors in the mailtdown and speaker.

Apple products are generally considered safe. However, Apple has acknowledged that the error has been found in the product. The software has opened the software patches to fix errors.

It has been said from Apple that the error was found, but it did not prove that the miscreants used it. The company has advised not to download it from sources other than a trusted source to avoid harmful app downloads.

Mac computer users feel that their devices are safer than traditional Android phones and Microsoft system computers. However, many modern computer processor makers like Meltadon and Spector errors were found in Microchip manufacturers like Intel and ARM.

According to Apple's blog post, all Mac systems and IOS devices have been detected in the error. This problem is in all modern processors and has been caught in almost all computing devices and operating systems. Apple has updated patches for iPhone and iPad to match Meltdown errors. To update the patches on the Safari browser for the soon-to-be Specter.

Microsoft and Google have acknowledged the issue of having this error in their products. Google has said that Android phones users who own more than 80 percent of the world's market are safe to use update software. Microsoft released software patch for various services. Windows software has asked users to update anti-virus software before updating the operating system patch.

Roaming around Intel
Meanwhile, there has been a buzz, chip maker Intel already knew of the error in their chips. Intel Chief Executive Officer Brian Craignik said that he had sold 2,445,000 shares in October last year. At that time, Intel learned about Meltdown and Specter's error.

However, the matter has been denied by Intel. It has been said in a statement that "Brian's shares are not related to the sale."

Meanwhile, there is more buzz, except that the patch is used to prevent meltdown and spectator errors, it will affect the performance of the device and slow the speed. Intel did not agree to this issue Intel officials say that updating patches will not slow down the computer speed. Performance can not be understood by the difference.

How to find
Meltdown and Spectator Two hardware bugs By using the error of the chip, different contents of the memory used in the device can be taken out. From the computer, laptop, tab, mobile phone, password, picture, e-mail, sensitive information, you can get rid of. As well as researchers associated with Google's Project Zero, researchers from Austria's Graduate University of Technology found this error last year. On Wednesday, he told everyone about the error.

Those who are having problems
The problem is at Intel. Because, most computers in the world use Intel processors. Researchers say that since 1990, almost all Intel processors have Meltdown bugs. Generally security errors are limited to a specific organization or product. Intel says it does not have a bug or security flaw in Intel's products. This is a big error, which is a common error in the process of processing on the modern computing platform. In June, the researchers informed Intel about the error. After leaving the patch for the error in the next week, it was public disclosure. Because, miscreants can take that opportunity if they are not without patches. But on Wednesday, the information from Meltdown came out in the Report of the UK's technical website The Register. As a result, the price of Intel's shares fell rapidly. Everyone is active now to solve the meltdown errors. It is very difficult to fix the problem of the spectator and it is useful to get information out. In addition to Intel, chip makers AMD and ARM are at risk. AMD claims that their chip-making process is different from the other. But Intel and AMD have said to work together. The cloud computing service providers admitted that risks were also at risk.

What is to do?
The computer does not have much to do to keep it safe while the computer is at risk. However, updating patches on the operating system and software can be updated. Already Microsoft Windows, Apple MacOS and Linux have come to the mailtdown patch. Mozilla says that they have taken an action for the security of the Firefox browser. Google has suggested to use update software. Researcher Rob Graham is advised to download the update of Microsoft, Apple Linux update patch and not have to worry. 

References: BBC, AFP, Reuters

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