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Fictitious Facebook record in the United Kingdom for misuse of information

In the United Kingdom, the UK's information agency social media has fined around 5 crore 56 lakh taka for misusing information. This is the biggest fine of Facebook in the UK. Facebook will be fined because of affiliation with the Cambridge Analyzing scandal.

The UK's Information Commissioner Office (ICO) says that the UK's election consultancy firm Cambridge Insurance has failed to completely remove the user's information from Facebook.

The extinct parent company of Cambridge Analyst has filed a criminal case against the SCL election. Apart from this, the ICO has expressed concern about the purchase of personal information of political parties from 'Information Brokers'.

Facebook authorities have been asked to respond immediately to the fine.

The ICO said that Aggregate IQ, another company, must stop processing information for UK nationals.

ICO started an investigation after the political preachers are using personal information. After nearly 16 months of investigation, the agency took steps to pen a fine against Facebook.

In the meantime, the former crew of Cambridge Analyst, Christopher Willy, released a leaked report. He said that London-based political consulting firm is using millions of information immensely from Facebook.

The ICO saw their investigation, Facebook broke its own rules. Cambridge University has failed to ensure that the information collected by Facebook users has been deleted.

Cambridge Analysta claims that, after the request of Facebook, they delete all the information in 2015. However, the ICO says that the data collected from Facebook has been shared with others-they have got evidence.

An IOC spokesman said, "The question of the accuracy of the removal of Facebook data has been questioned."

About the report of the IOI, Willy said, "I told the UK authorities about Facebook and Cambridge analytics activities a few months ago. Based on that complaint, Facebook has to pay a record today. Cambridge Analyktica and its managers have to face trial. '

What is the Cambridge Analytics scandal?
Cambridge Approach is better known for Donald Trump's support in the US presidential election in 2016. It is believed that the trump is played in its conquest of victory. However, the company claims that they did not use any information collected from Facebook to promote trump.

Christopher Willie, a former UK based London-based Cambridge analyst, came to the forefront of informing Facebook users about the unheard of information. He was the first to know that the referendum played his role in the US presidential election and the breakthrough in the UK (separation from the European Union) was his former workplace. Cambridge University lecturer Alexander Leonid Kogan supported Cambridge Analyst. He created a special app on Facebook platform. Through this he collected personal information of millions of users and sold it to Cambridge Analyk.

According to Christopher Willie, Cambridge analyzed the information provided to the Republican candidate Donald Trump's campaign camp in the US presidential election in 2016. Not only that, analyzing those data, potential Republican voters are also identified.

It was initially believed that Cambridge Analytics has probably grabbed five million Facebook users. However, after the Facebook authorities acknowledged, data of 80 million users was unsuccessful.

Later, the Facebook Senate and CEO Mark Zuckerberg appeared before the Senate hearing on the matter. Zakarbarg promised to forgive several times in the hearing and also to revive the privacy.

In the hearing, Zuckerberg said, "I started Facebook and I am responsible for everything."

Analysts say the lawmakers have expressed concern that strict control over Facebook may be imposed.

In this scandal of Facebook, the government and politician Bagha Bagha are singing. BBC News reported that the British Prime Minister Theresa May called this incident "very worrying". The country's information security authority permits the Cambridge Analyst to search the London office.

There is a demand for inquiry around Facebook and Cambridge Analytics around the world. Immediately after the incident, Cambridge analyst dismissed their executive Alexander Nix. He revealed to secret journalists the secret strategy of bribing politicians, using sex workers, and the secret strategy of Cambridge Analyst. After that the information came to the public. These allegations were denied by Cambridge Analysts.

Cambridge Approach was closed in May due to the incident. The UK-based firm had been under pressure since March last year after the 'Facebook scandal' was known. In addition to rigorous criticism around the world, several countries started investigating against Cambridge analytics.

References: BBC, NDTV, Washington Post.

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