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If you are under 13 years of suspicion, you will close Facebook

For those who are under 13 years of age, Facebook does not want to have their Facebook account. So if someone suspects the age of their Facebook account will be closed. According to a report by Digital Trends, Instagram and its proprietary companies have begun to close accounts of under-age users of Facebook. As part of operational change in the social networking policy, the accounts of young people in Facebook and Instagram are being closed.

Prior to that, Facebook only took action if a user received a complaint about the underage user. If no one is old enough to give proof of age, then all accounts will be closed. If there is doubt in any account, those who are over 13 years old will have to prove the case. If you can prove the age by showing government-issued identification, the account will be opened.

Analysts say Facebook is now an adult place. The youth are turning away from Facebook. But in the Instagram still the image is not the same. Today's youths are more interested in social media like Instagram. The number of young people in Instagram is increasing. So when young people start getting caught, it will have an impact on sites like Instagram. It can reduce the user's influence and influence Facebook's revenue.

Facebook has been forced to change their policies after a UK-based documentary campaign made by Channel 4 and Firecrust Films. A journalist from that channel started working as an obscure editor of Facebook in Ireland. He said it was instructed to skip the time when working on a lowly Facebook account. Apart from this, Facebook has taken a different position to delete right-wing political pages.

In a blog post against that complaint, Facebook said that before the deletion of some pages of any page or political party, Facebook staff reviews another level. They are updating policies for reviewers. Action will be taken against him if he / she receives the accounts of young people.

According to the United States Child Online Privacy Protection Act, anyone under the age of 13, as a digital company, requires parental permission to collect information.

Analysts say that after the Cambridge analytics scandal, there is now a lot of pressure on Facebook. Facebook authorities have to go through surveillance. Facebook has been criticized on various issues such as the impact of the US elections, failure to avoid false news.

TechCrunch, a tech website, says Facebook has created a new moderation policy. The company will soon implement the new policy.


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