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Neymar blows like a volcano

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Neymar has been able to work hard in this World Cup in the World Cup. Even if he can not give his best yet, this star will burn on the knockout stage - hoping that his closest people

The bigger one was in the throat. Just a few months before the World Cup, such injury was threatened by Neymar and Brazil-fans. You can return to the right time! Tooth teeth tooth and make it healthy by working hard. Now is the time to prove yourself. The World Cup was a goal in the group stage, but could not do anything to say very loudly. Failure to meet the expectation of the whole is criticizing him. At the beginning of the second episode, Neymar has blown his heart to do something very nice.

In the French league, PSG-Marsh had suffered injuries. The date is February 26. The report of the injury came as Neymar said it was a matter of regret. The remaining matches of the season can not be played. The Champions League, the French league - can not play in either. But he was worried about the World Cup. It is a golden opportunity to spread the light of the country. The injury will not allow him to play in the World Cup!

In such a situation, the responsibility of Brazilian doctor Rodrigo Leysmara was done. The mission of Neymar's recovery started under him. Neymar returned after working hard. But not quite. Neymar has at least five matches needed to give the team the best of their time. Neymar is expected to appear in the knockout phase with his best, although the mathematical calculation of healing was not taken from the team. Neymar is ready to give his best, with the idea that he is against Serbia. Neymar did not score in the match, but played a bit like himself.

Neymar's very close friend said, "Neymar is ready for the knockout episode. After that match, everyone can understand who will bring Brazil to the favor.

Neymar's father, Neymar's father, said, "From the beginning of the World Cup, through criticism and criticism of Neymar, through social contact, Neymar's father said," To help Neymar, he has to motivate him by touching his head. If you hit him through social contact, he will not bring good things to him. '

In such a situation, his father is next to the star of the Brazilian star. Encouraging from the side of the boy. After the Brazilian training session, he is showing regularly with his son.

Brazil came to Russia in World Cup favorites Expectancy skyscraper with Neymar However, he forgot about the big storm that had to deal with the injury before the World Cup. Neymar's pride is about that. This huff has set the fire in him. Good day before Brazil, if you can push the inner fire. If Neymar can now give his best, Brazil - fans may expect nothing better


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