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Switzerland's company is building a BlackBerry based smartphone

Switzerland's Consumer Electronics product maker Cyril Labs' Dual Screen Design, named 'Finney', is coming out in the market. The specialty of the phone is the blockchain technology. Smartphone maker Foxcon will create the phone

BlackKitchen technology is becoming popular all over the world. The blockchain is said to be a novel innovation of modern times. The Blockchain is a safe and open way of storing information. In this method, the information is stored in different blocks in the form of a chain after one. One or more people or groups of 'Satoshi Naakamoto' pseudonym is the inventor of this technology. Since the release of Bitcoin software for the first time in 2009, many evolution of blockchain technology has been going on.

According to the IANS report, Finnish will be the world's first blockbuster smartphone. It may come in market in November. It will cost 999 USD.

According to a report by Zidineet on technical website on Friday, the Syrian OS-based phone based on Android 8.1 will have two-inch slider 'Safe Screen'. It has an Intrusion Protection System (IPS). Apart from this, there will be facilities for safe communication, multiple work capabilities, cryptowlates and Google Play Store as well as non-descriptual applications (DAP).

Nirod May, chief marketing officer of Syrian Labs, said that the goal of Syrian Labs is to eliminate the difference between the Blockchain Economy and the huge market.

A few years ago, Syrian Labs released a premium smartphone called 'Solaron' at a price of $ 14,800.

Queensland's company will be responsible for the smartphones' wallet hardware or operating system. China's Foxcon will make the design and production of the phone.


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