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VR Therapy to eliminate altitude

The VR headset is being used in medical practice. Photo: Collected

Many are afraid to get high. Altitude is called arcophobia. Automated Virtual Reality (VR) based psychological therapies may be of great help to overcome this problem. In a recent study, the information has emerged. This information was reported in an IANS report.

The research paper was published in The Lancet Cycrite magazine.

Researchers at Oxford University of the United Kingdom run this research. Various activities were undertaken with the people participating in the study, in order to win the fear.

Researcher Daniel Freeman said that there is no need for a doctor to take an immersive VR therapy. There are many possibilities of removing mental barriers.

It has been found that, unlike conventional face therapy, VR treatment is effective, faster and more likely to be taken to the patient. Automatic treatment will be provided in low cost at Virus.

At the time of the study, Arphophobia was afraid to get up, but only 100 people were treated for psychiatric treatment. They were divided into two parts. One group is given automatic treatment and other methods of treatment. Actually there was no treatment before altitude.

For two weeks, BR was given treatment for 30 minutes. At that time, they were asked to carry out various activities related to their VR headset. They were given courage at this time. At the end of the examination, patients who are treated in the veer told to reduce fear.


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