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Zuckerberg gave a clear explanation of the comment about the Holocaust

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That's the reason he is going to read about the collapse of Zuckerberg from the 'Cambridge Analyx' scandal in handing over data from Facebook, after which he has to go through a lot of trouble related to Facebook-related issues. Apart from appearing in the United States hearing, he has to face a lot of privacy-related criticism. But a big allegation against Facebook is about the role of stoppage of false news spreading.

A CNN report said that Facebook authorities are not keen to stop fake news altogether. Zuckerberg recently made a comment about spreading false news on Facebook. Because of his strong reaction to comments, it has been clearly explained to the chief executive of Facebook.

Zuckerberg said in an interview with the technology website Rikode Kara Swishers on Wednesday, "Contrary to the controversial data on the Facebook platform, there will be issues related to the Holocaust denial." He speaks of the Holocaust as an example. The Holocaust is a genocide committed by Jewish people during World War II.

Zuckerberg said there will be conspiracies theory or conspiracy theories on the Facebook platform. Facebook will not remove them They can not go to more people, they will take measures.

Zuckerberg said, "Facebook will not remove controversial posts at the end of the day. Because, for some people, different things may seem inaccurate. I do not think they intentionally make such mistakes. '

In Zuckerberg's comments, many media users including media, civil rights protection groups have gathered condemnation.

Many people say Facebook has a policy and ethics obligation.

After confirming a conspiracy theory called Infowes content on Facebook, Zuckerberg interviewed Ricod. There were allegations of spreading false news against the site.

Zuckerberg made his point clear that in the future, if there is a post like the upcoming violence, then remove it from Facebook. But if it is suspicious, it will be considered. They will help the third party to determine the differences.

Facebook has said in a statement that it is necessary to have the right balance between freedom of expression, security and proper community to prevent spreading it from being removed from Facebook. Some false information may cause physical harm. The policy of moving these content is being done.

According to the new policy, if local partners show flags to any content or are considered responsible for violence or are known to be fake, then it will be removed from Facebook. Myanmar and Sri Lanka will work with such a local partner, not to mention that Facebook


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