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Serena's 'Black Cats Suit' is Banned

  • Serena Williams, the Marvel Super Hero at the French Open Court The super hero Black Panther imitated the 'Black CatSuit .' The French Open authorities did not take the matter naturally. The United States tennis star will be banned if they decide to wear such clothes in the future.

Serena's 'Black Cats Suit' is Banned

After the dress code of Serran's decision, tough action was taken. French Open Federation President Bernard Zuidchelli told Tennis Magazine, "It will not be tolerated again." The image of the game is worsening as it looks like, 'I think the thing has gone a long way. You have to respect the game and the place you play. '

The 23 Grand Slam winners Serena said she dressed herself as a "superhero" It was a different reason behind the return to self-confidence. He said that he had suffered from complications due to blood clotting after childbirth. To avoid that problem, there was a need for shoe cloth. So the Black Catsuit chose.

Typically, Wimbledon is quite strict about dress code. The rules of the game of wearing white clothes in tennis's most prestigious tournament. Serena's dress after the French Open authorities are also on the way to a strict step

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WI Fast Bowler  Biton got permission for bowling

  • West Indies  Fast Bowler  Ronsford Bitton was questioned in the illegal action last year. During the one-day game against New Zealand, such incident has sparked him from the bowling. The Caribbean Fast Bowler has been allowed to bowl again in action.

WI Fast Bowler  Biton got permission for bowling

Biton was banned when the action was taken to verify the bowling action at the beginning of this year. Going back to bowl, the fight to refine yourself. On August 13, after renewing his approval, his action will be approved.

After re-examination in the University of Loughborough in the UK, they have said that the elbows curvaceous in the new action remains within 15 degrees. Biton could not play the CPL this time because the action was illegal.

More News:

The ICC will supply footage of the new action to the Officials. If they have any discrepancy, then you can report independently with the action of biton.

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Twitter canceled 486 accounts based on Russia and iran

  • Twitter has canceled more than 486 accounts after canceling 284 accounts last few days. Gadgets Now reported that these accounts are based on Iran and Russia.

Twitter canceled 486 accounts based on Russia and iran

Twitter has been used to misused  people in the Middle East, Latin America, United Kingdom, and the United States. In relation to the removal of 486 new accounts, Twitter said that, after the initial investigation of last week we started the investigation. These accounts are then searched.

In a statement, the company said further, we have canceled more 486 accounts due to violation of the policy. The number of total canceled accounts reached 770.

It is known that about 100 accounts were managed from the United States. In all, 867 of these have been tweeted. A total of 1,688 people followed them. Accounts are less than one year old.

Last week Facebook and Twitter removed hundreds of accounts. They were based in Iran and Russia. Basically due to 'abnormal behavior' Facebook canceled 652 pages, groups and accounts last week.


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013 Series: GP gets approval for selling 2 million SIMs in the 013 series.

After seeking the last few years, Grameenphone is finally going to get the series '013'
However, Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTCL) has tied up the sale of SIM in this series. The commission said that the company will be able to sell only two million numbers of this series.

GP gets approval for selling 2 million SIMs in the 013 series.

On the other hand, the regulatory commission for the Banglalink took the initial steps to allot the series '014'.

The final decision will be taken in the next commission meeting.

In a commission meeting of the BTRC last Sunday, the operator decided to give another number one series. Currently they are using 017 and 019.

For the past three years, GP has been demanding to allocate a number series by saying that it is going to fill ten quarters of its quota. Their claim was 013. But in the year 2016, banglalink demanded that the 010 series.

Prior to this, the series of 014 was allocated for a company called M / s BBTT. It was empty after the series was canceled in a 2016 commission meeting.

More News :

Earlier this month, when the issue was raised in the presence of Prime Minister's Information and Communication Technology Adviser Sajeeb Wazed Joy, he decided to allot new number one series to two operators.

Earlier, once the GP 013 series was approved in October 2016, it is again stuck on different conditions.

In the same year, Robi and Airtel were unified and Robi has been getting additional business facilities using two series. Someone said that the decision to allocate the same benefits to the two operators as well as to get 013 and 014 has been decided.

However, the details of what will be given in this year's allocation is not known.

Citycell is currently using 011, Teletalk 015, Robi 016 and 018, GP 017 and Banglalink 019 as per the number planning of the commission.

As a result, two of the 010 and 01 series still remain empty.

NASA's Parker is near the Sun.

NASA's Parker is near the Sun.
NASA's Parker is near the Sun.

NASA has successfully launched a satellite called Parker Solar Probe with a mission of the sun's mystery. One day after the scheduled time, NASA's space was launched from Cape Canaveral in Florida. It will reach 60 million kilometers of the sun and no one can travel before the sun so close.

The bright sunlight part of the sun can be seen during the solar eclipse - which is called 'Corona', this vehicle will fly through it.

It is said that probes have the ability to withstand more than 1000 degrees Celsius heat.
The satellite is being sent to space with four Delta-Four rockets. In the Florida state of the US state of Cape Coravalal, the launch of 'probe' was on Saturday morning. But in the last moment, it was delayed by 14 hours for some additional examinations.
This satellite, which is known as 'Corona', is the bright spot around the sun that goes right there. Then, to circumambulate around the sun, will try to understand the behavior of this star. This satellite will circulate 24 times around the Sun in seven years.

At that time it will speed up to 6,70,000 kilometers per hour. It is about 60 million kilometers away from the sun and circulates the information.

One of the scientists of this project. Nicki Fox said, "I understand that the distance of 60 million km does not seem to be close distance, but if it is assumed that the surface of the earth and the distance of the sun is one meter, then the probe is only 4 to the sun. Mr. Stay away. '
The speed at which probes will run is unprecedented. Dr. Fox says, 'No such speed was created before. It's 690,000 hours per hour around the sun. Mr. Move in speed up That means, moving from New York to Tokyo will take less than a minute.

Why is this Parker campaign important?

The satellite, named Parker, will help you understand how the sun works.
The sun is affecting the earth with its electric particles and magnetic power all the time. This 'solar wind' or the air emitted from the sun is made in the sky of the North Pole, the strange color of the game of light.

But some streams of the Sun can disrupt the Earth's magnetic energy balance. In that case, the communication system may be disrupted, the satellite may be disassembled in space, and even the electric grid can be broken.
The satellite, named Parker, will help you understand how the sun works.

The sun is affecting the earth with its electric particles and magnetic power all the time. This 'solar wind' or the air emitted from the sun is made in the sky of the North Pole, the strange color of the game of light.

But some streams of the Sun can disrupt the Earth's magnetic energy balance. In that case, the
communication system may be disrupted, the satellite may be disassembled in space, and even the electric grid can be broken.

Why do you need to go so close to the sun?

The 'mystery' is a strange mystery to the scientists of 'Corona' or the shining area around the sun.

The temperature of the coronation is more than the sun surface. Sun temperature where the temperature of 6,000 degrees Celsius, the temperature of the corona region can be several million degrees.

Why this difference - its precise answer is still not available to the scientists.

Besides, when the air emanating from the sun enters the coronation, its speed suddenly grows intensely. This hot air is 500 kilometers per second. The speed of the solar system moves through.

Scientists hope to be able to send information about Parker's electrical and magnetic fields.

How to survive Parker?

From now on 60 years ago, the planets were sent to the first satellite near the Sun. But scientists have found that the technology needed to create the spacecraft to send to the Sun.

The solar-powered device will have a thickness of 4.5 inch thick composite carbon cover. As a result, internal temperature will always be within 30 degrees Celsius. 

Make More Money From Youtube Good news for youtuber : Youtube New announce 

Video sharing platforms youtube have made good news for YouTube content makers I mean youtubers .

"Make More Money From Youtube Good news for youtuber : Youtube New announce"

Compulsory advertising ranges will be extended to YouTube videos from next week. It can be closed when watching the ad video.

Also the amount of advertising will be increased. As a result content generator revenue will increase.
Youtube has said, adding a new tool to the platform. All of the content partners of the YouTube Partner Program will be able to reach this new feature.
Besides, this new feature will also show the effect of the audience involvement and earnings.

Advertisements are shown on the video while watching the video on YouTube. If you want, you can close the advertisement by clicking the skip button on the right.

Advertisement can be turned off when new feature is launched. The video will be seen when the whole ad is finished. This can cause a lot of trouble for ordinary viewers, even though the revenue of YouTube content makers increases. If that's the case, then just like television, ads will be seen on YouTube.
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Google Pixel king of selfie?

The Google Pixel series has been named in the smartphone camera. The new pixel phone will be added to the 'Super Selfie' feature.

"Google Pixel king of selfie camera"

 It will be seen on the enhanced Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL phones. However, the feature can also be delivered through old pixel updates. It is already known that the pixel 3 series will have two cellphone cameras. As a result, 'Super Selfie' can be dependent not only on software but also on hardware. Perhaps the most popular version of 'Portrait' Selfi can be a better version. It will add another feature without Google Portrait. That's the 'beauty mode' to make the look more beautiful. Users will be able to get rid of many uneven parts or stains from their face. But the back camera will also have 12 megapixels. In order to show Ai Magic in the picture, the 'visual core' image processor hardware will be strengthened. The new pixel series will be unveiled next October.
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One of the few series of SIM cards available in the country is 01711 series of Grameenphone.

Many people still try to get this series sim. But the market does not sell SIM card anymore. However, customers can get SIM of this series through an offer.

01711 series sim available from Grameenphone's online shop, can be bought free of co-branded phone.

However, Grameenphone has provided a condition in this regard. The company will give only free SIM cards for this series with their handset worth 8 thousand 900 worth from their online shop.

The company will also offer Cash on Delivery on the handset by buying a handset from the Grameenphone Shop. There are also several products including rim replacement, router, wear and tie in the shop.

Grameenphone's first SIM series is 01711. It was once sold only as a business and postpaid. However, the general customers could also buy the series SIM.

Grameenphone has already got the approval of SIM card for a new series. BTRC has approved the SIM card of 1 August 013.



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16 Years old Boy Attack apple Server 

Apple's reputation is safeguarding customers and users' data. Everyone knows that their protection is also improved.

The 16-year-old Apple fans have traveled several times in the fortified fortress for a year. Even the customer has downloaded at least 90 GB of data from that secure location. The teenager then entered the customer's account.

The teenager is Australian. After the incident, Apple has been reminded of the court.
Melbourne's Children's Court in Australia says that the teenager has entered the personal account of the customer. But as an Apple fan. The customer has not misused any information.

At the hearing, the teenager said that he is a fan of Apple and one day he dreams of working in the company.
Various media reports that the boy studied in a private school, which at various times stored the information in a folder called 'Hackney Hack Hack'.

Apple claims that there is no misuse of customer information.
Apple says they get an error on their system. Later she told the FBI. After identifying the incident and going to the Federal Police in Australia.

Employees of Apple Security Department have been working against it immediately after seeing errors. A company spokesman said they are ready to face all types of risks.

He said, in this incident we noticed someone has entered our data privacy. And then we informed law enforcement agencies. Because we always want to provide maximum security of customer information.

According to AFP, two computers in the boy's house were confiscated last year. Later it was found that the computer was matched with the serial of Apple's system.
However, the boy told the court that he had shared this hack through a group of WhoseAP
Apple or court has not disclosed the name and address of the boy in the interest of security.

The case is still running.itinfoworld on Guardian and BBC.

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From masturbation addiction - 70 to 95 percent of the elderly males and 50 to 89 percent of women used in masturbation, according to a recent study report. In many cases women and men first get sexually stimulated by masturbation. If this means of sexually controlled, it is not harmful to health. But uncontrolled masturbation is like addiction, which may cause multiple physical damage. If you follow certain things, you can get rid of it.


1. To get out of any kind of addiction or addiction, your own will is enough. So strengthen the willpower.

2. Throw things away that move you towards masturbation, stay away from them.

3. Mark the time when masturbation is over. If you are excited about going to the toilet or before going to bed or if you want to do it suddenly, then go to work for physical work. Such as book-down or any other exercise. As long as the body is tired, that is, there is no energy to masturbate and do so until that exercise or exercise. If you want to wake up while bathing, use only cold water and get out of the bathroom immediately after bathing.

4. Do not look bad at women.

5. Keep yourself busy as much as possible.

6. Be patient. One day, you will get rid of intoxication, it will not be so. If you have concentration, then gradually get out of any kind of addiction. Sometimes it will be wrong. Do not give up, do not give up, do not give up, try.

7. Avoid porn movies in any way. Take a computer to the living room to see the porn in the computer, so that others can see, what are you doing. This will reduce the desire to enter the porn site.

8. Throw things away that move you towards masturbation, stay away from them. If you want to get really released from excessive masturbation, then if you have a collection of porn movies, then they will just waste them; Burn or tear Delete all of the hard drives or memory now. Before using the Internet, go to the browser's parental control and block the adult content. Garbage now if there is any sex toy.

9. The masturbation will not be left entirely. Imagine yourself that sometimes you do. Not frequently

10. Avoid those who talk about bad things or about girls or porn movies.

11. Do not be alone when you are extremely addicted to masturbation, spend less time in the house, spend more time outside. You can jog, walk around the bike. If you are a student, you can study with classmates. Can spend time visiting libraries or coffee shops.

12. Do not fall asleep during the evening. If you do not do anything please see the picture or read the book. You can play video games. It will also forget about masturbation.

13. Avoid sex issues completely. Do not listen to any such word or comment.

14. Set small targets. Suppose the first target is not to masturbate for two days. If you can not do two days, gradually increase the time.

15. When you do not go to bed then. Sit down and sit with others.

16. Try to come out as soon as possible when there is a habit of masturbation during bathing in the toilet.

17. Spend more time with friends and family

18. You can meditate or meditate. You can do yoga.

19. Avoid Phone sex 

20. Do not make mistakes to help others. If you masturbate during the night, share the room with someone or the door-window is open and the light sleeps. When you see that you can not succeed alone in all your efforts, then get help from friends, family and doctors. There is nothing to shame here.

21. Do not sleep on the upside.

22. After the afternoon do not eat stimulants and grups.

23. Lie down with a girlfriend or girlfriend, do not love loneliness.

If you are very addicted to masturbation and can not get out of it, then sexual relations with your partner will not be normal after marriage, which can ruin your marital relationship.

Using an old fax machine in the office? Technology experts warn that cyber-mischief makers may target old fax machines. Older fax machines such as backdoors or back roads on any organization's network are now the hackers' favorite devices.

Israeli cyber security firm Czech-point experts found the security of the old fax machine. Their claims, the error of millions of fax machines around the world, which could make the road to the network for hackers. This information was provided in a report by The Star Online.

Experts say hackers send an image file via phone line to hack fax machines. Or send files that the device accepts as an image file. Software files in the image file are damaged. When the picture is taken, the picture decodes and decides to place it in the fax or printer's memory. The hackers get control of that device and spread the code to the whole network.
Checkpoint researcher Yaniv Balmas said that many companies are not on the head of the fax machine connected to the network. But the big office has fax facilities.

Of these there are many old office fax machines, which can not be updated. It is difficult for the organization to stop hackers from entering into their system.

Currently, around four crore fax machines are being used in the world. In addition to banking, health sector, legal institutions, which have touch queue information, contact them through fax.

Experts say it is necessary to check whether the fax machine update is useful to protect against cyber criminals. Keep fax device in secure network. The network that has sensitive information, is not a good fax network on the network.

More:Do not understand how hard the drive is

Technologically, many people want to save their favorite photos, videos, and new software for a long time. Information is increasing day by day and laptop or PC space is over. Many of these are dependent on the external hard drive drive. Hard disks like other electronic devices also have life span. Life expectancy of the computer is usually 5 to 10 years and the life expectancy of the external hard disk is 3 to 5 years. However, the life expectancy depends on temperature fluctuations, moisture and other external conditions. External hard drives are more easily used to be portable. It decreases its life expectancy. Find out how the life of the hard drive decreases gradually:

1. If the computer starts to slow down and the computer starts hanging repeatedly or by showing the Blue Screen of Death, then understand that your hard drive is at the end. These are possible signs of reducing hard drive performance. Problems like this may not always be seen at all, but if you see this problem during Windows Safe Mode or new installation, then understand that the hard drive is not working properly.

2. Another possible symptom of hard drive failure may be that the file is not open and without any reason the file disappears or the file is copied.

3. If you see a lot of bad sectors, then understand that the hard drive's condition is dysfunctional. The Bad Sector is the faulty area of ​​the hard drive, the areas which do not respond to requests for data read or write. It is difficult to identify if using a larger disk. To test these bad sectors in Windows, go to the Drive partitions from the My PC. Right click on My PC and go to Properties. Then click on the error checking tool. Optimize and defragment drive can be done to optimize.

4. If the same word is heard repeatedly or hard to crack from the hard drive, the hard drive is about to the end. The word repeatedly comes from 'click of death'. The word is created during the process of right-clicking or error-fixing.

Many hard drives are not ready to crash suddenly. It is therefore important to back up important data. If you want, you can save the old hard drive information to another hard drive. Information will be kept in it. Outside of this, Google Drive can keep data in cloud services like One Drive. References: Gadgets Now.

More:Galaxy Note 9 made of one kg gold

South Korean technology company Samsung has recently released a smartphone called Galaxy Note 9. The note version is used on the seventh edition of the phone, the unique S-Pen Stylus, 6-inch 4-inch QHD Plus Super Amoled Display. While announcing the phone recently at a ceremony in New York, the Samsung authorities said it can be found in black (black), copper (copper), violet (purple) and marine blue (Ocean Blue) colors. But who like the golden color? Samsung's official said, interesting opportunities for those who love gold.

Russia's Caviar, a company named Galaxy Note 9, released a special edition called "Fine Gold Edition". They used to have one kg 'Fine Gold 999.9' in the back panel of this phone. However, the other designs and features of the phone are similar. The price of the 128 GB storage model will cost 38 million 70 thousand rubles or about 48 million 80 thousand. The price of the 266 GB model is 49 lakhs 5 thousand taka.

However, Samsung released the SNOW Plus Edition smartphone of its S9 Plus smartphone brought to market in June this year. The price of the special edition was 83 thousand 500 rupees.

The Galaxy Note 9 has been used in the smartphone. Octaoro Xinos 9810 processor. The Android 8.1 OS has 6 GB of RAM. The IP 68 rating phone is dust and water resistant. 12 megapixel camera behind the dual camera setup phone. The phone has 8 megapixel camera in front. Its battery is four thousand mAh. References: BGR.

More:Researchers have created long-awaited charging app

People now work on smartphones. There is pressure on the battery. Many people are on a long-run charge-phone search. Recently, researchers have developed an app that allows battery charging to be done long and will help reduce the performance of smartphones without any hesitation. Canadian researchers created the app.

The research articles have been published in the magazine 'Itripli Access'. It has been said in the article that they have developed a method that will increase the battery life of the smartphone every day for one hour. This information has been reported in an IANS report.

Waterloo University professor Khirasagar Naik said that they have opened the built-in multi-window feature in the Android operating system, which allows users to open multiple windows or files at the same time as laptops. It will not cover unnecessary charges.

Naik said, "We have made an app that can be installed on the device and reduces the brightness of the application.

Researchers run the test with 200 smartphone users. Downloading the app and using it while running multiple windows. As a result of using the charge protection method, their battery life has increased by 10 to 25 percent.

Naik said, many people gave hundreds of charges in the morning with phone charging all night while keeping the phone all night. But then due to various reasons the battery charge decreases. At noon the charge of the phone came down to 30 percent. There are many times a day to find the charger. It is a matter of troubles from the user. Receiving additional charge causes the phone to be heated and repeatedly charging reduces battery life. The battery which was supposed to last for three years has become ineffective in two years.


More:Tools that keep you safe online

photo allline
There is no chance of web browsing in the violence of cyber criminals. If you do not have any kind of protection, then your information can be handled by online hackers. Not only that, online marketers will also bring you in a tight online life, the trouble of online advertising. You have to take help of some tools to stay safe online. We have organized this year with some of the tools.

Tor Web Browser

Your webpage visits information is stored when browsing through a common web browser. As well as your IP address is also submitted. If you want to keep your activities out of sight during web browsing, Tor Web browser may be helpful. Tor network can drive traffic in such a way that it is impossible to tell the browsing activities of this browser. Almost all websites from this browser have the opportunity to travel to Anonymous. If you want to use this browser, please visit www.torproject.org/download/download.html.

Metro password manager

There are no alternatives to using strong passwords in online account management. But remembering that creating thousands of online accounts for a different password is extremely difficult. The METRO password manager can make that work easier. This browser-based password manager can save all your online account passwords. And then after setting a master password for this service, remember that password is your job. The open-source password manager can be used in all the top browsers. To use it, visit www.mitro.co.

GPG (encrypted mail)

Without email delivery, there is no day in modern life. In order to protect this email exchange, PGP came to market in 1991. But it was not use-friendly. For this purpose you can use the GPG or Zenewife Privacy Guard. For Windows, Mac and Linux, this service can be used to secure email. This works for any of your current email addresses. Until now, technology analysts have recognized GPG as the best in email security. As a result, protect your important and sensitive email communications using GPG. To use it, visit www.gnupg.org/download/index.html.

Ghostari (anti-tracking tool)

There is no shortage of service to track your activities while traveling online. But who are the people who are tracking you all the time, it is not easy to know. An anti-tracking tool named Ghostari will help you to do this. As long as you are online, you will be informed about how tracked you are and who is tracking them. As a result, some companies are getting your information and preparing the ads for you, you can learn from Ghostari. Not only this, it can also block these tracking. Almost all desktop and mobile browsers have a different version of Ghostar. To use it, visit www.ghostery.com.

Postal post (search engine)

Google has become synonymous with search engines this time. However, the interesting thing is that using Google account is as long as you're searching for something online, all of your searches are saved on Google's servers. On the other hand Google merchants are getting ready for you based on your search information. Google has to rely on these online marketers to survive. As a result, Google may keep others' access to your information. A search engine that does not store any information on your search as a search engine is a postal mail. Even though this browser does not have much contact yet, technology experts advise you to use it for the safety of your online habits. There are also different mobile apps for any browser. To use it, please visit https://duckduckgo.com.


More:Walton launches three four-G smartphones

Recently, Walton has announced to bring three new smartphones to the market, the country's leading technology company Walton has announced. Primo Ascend Duel, Primo Hsevens and Primo GMTHR Plus plus three smartphones will support the FourG network.

According to Walton's notification, three smartphones have been added to Walton's own factory at Chandra in Gazipur. The Android Oro (8.1) powered Dual SIM has a full-view IPS display on three phones.

Primo Ascill Dual Phone has 13 and 2 megapixel dual cameras. The 5.7-inch HD display features a 1.5 GHz quad-core processor, 3GB RAM, 32GB storage. The 3500 ml ampere phone has a Face unlock and fingerprint sensor. Its price is 14 thousand 999 taka.

Primo HSVENS and Primo GM 3 plus are used in both handsets. 1.3 GHz quad-core processor, 2 GB RAM, 16GB internal storage. The 5 and 13 megapixel camera in front and behind both phones respectively. HSVEN S Model Battery 3000mg Ampere The price is 9 thousand 199 taka. GM000 Plus model battery will be 4000 ml, it will cost 8 thousand 499 rupees.


More:Facebook is introducing new rules to run

Facebook has announced new features for creating more transparency and credibility in running Facebook pages. On Friday, Facebook announced the new feature. The new feature is significant in terms of approval of page publishing authorization or page publication. For the time being, there are a lot of followers of the United States-pages that need approval.

Apart from this, the page must be specified from any country, its location or location. There should be convenience to see if any pages are merged or linked to each other.

Facebook authorities say Facebook users who run or run Facebook pages, are going to be somewhat harsh on Facebook authorities. In order to post on the page, they must be in certain rules. They will now have to go through a two-factor authentication process and before posting them, their location (primary home location) will be confirmed by Facebook.

Facebook authorities say they are launching this process with the aim of preventing the publication of false news. It will also take action against hacked accounts. The process of forcibly approval will begin this month.

When a page has been merged with any page in the page history page, it will be displayed. In this, there will be transparency in the pages of followers of those pages. Apart from this the followers will be aware. A section called "People Who Manage This Page" will be added to the page, which will contain information about page managers.

Facebook can launch this feature in Instagram as well. Facebook is currently testing this feature in large-scale pages in the United States.

In 2016, after the announcement of the fraud in the US presidential election, the false news and data privacy scandal came out of Facebook. A slight change in the Facebook page is being considered as one of the major advances in preventing false news.


More:Sleep is less when fast internet

it info world
Fast Internet connectivity means a lot of benefits. But there is a reverse side of it. Sleep disturbances are due to this. Good sleep time limit decreases. According to a recent report, the information was released in the latest PTI report.

The research paper has been published in the Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization. Researchers at the University of Bocconi, Italy and the University of Petersburg of the United States of America studied the effect of fast internet.

Researchers say that people under the Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) connection are sleeping at least 25 minutes less than those outside. DSL is a technology that provides high bandwidth internet access to home and small businesses.

Researchers say that due to the fast internet, sleepiness is not asleep or less during sleep. Due to job chances for work or family needs in the morning, it is time to suffer from shortage of time.

Boccuni University researcher Francesco Bellary said, "Usually, the scientists advised to sleep for seven to nine hours, but people with high speed Internet access were less sleeping than them and they were dissatisfied with their sleep. They use electronic devices more in the evening, in the morning it is very rare.

Researcher Billi said that many people went to sleep late in the trap of digital temptation. But in the morning it can not be able to recover more than sleeping. Many of these sleeping time are decreasing. Playing games on the computer, watching TV or watching a video, many people sleep twelve. Among the victims, there are more than 13 to 30 years of age.


More:YouTube is becoming more popular than Facebook

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People are now watching videos more. So the popularity of the video platform YouTube is increasing. Facebook's top platform is the top web site in the US, Google's YouTube video platform YouTube can be topped. The market research firm Similar Web claims to have received this information in a study.

Researchers of the company say Facebook users are falling in the United States for two years. On the other hand, YouTube users are growing. The information was provided by a CNBC report.

Market researchers say Facebook is fighting to keep the second position as the most popular and popular website in the US. Currently, Google's top five websites include Google, Facebook, YouTube, Yahoo and Amazon. In the past two years, Facebook pageviews have come down from 850 crores to 470 counts, according to monthly publication. Though Facebook's app user is growing, it is slightly smaller than the monthly pageview rate.

During the announcement of second quarter earnings last month, Facebook said that the number of active users in the North American market did not increase. Users in Europe have also dropped. Facebook's share price drops to a great extent when it comes to information.

Similarweb's researcher Stephen Crouse said that Facebook is in the hands of Facebook users, but WhatsApp or Instagram has resources like Facebook. Now they see themselves not only as a Facebook but also as portfolio portfolios.

YouTube is now operated under Google's parent company Alfabet. Researchers say YouTube users have increased web apps as well as increased app users.

Yahoo's location in the top five list has become shaky. Amazon may soon take Yahoo from the fourth position and occupy that position. The e-commerce company has topped Yahoo during the annual Prime Day program in December and in July of this year. In the next two or three months Amazon can be fully topped by Amazon.

As a user, YouTube, Facebook, Yahoo or Amazon have not been around Google. In July, Google's pageviews exceeded 1,500 crores. Due to Google Apps and Voice Search, its pageviews have been reduced slightly. Where Google has a pageview of 500 million, there are less than 500 crores of pages.


More:TSMC victims of computer virus attack

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Taiwan Semiconductor manufacturer Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMMC) has been attacked by virus attacks. Its effect is going to come in their third quarter earnings. TSMC is known as the world's largest contract-based chip maker. The Taipei-based chip maker is providing the iPhone's processor.

Last Saturday, TSMC said that a computer was infected with a computer system and some devices. But the problem has been detected. This information was given in a report by Reuters news agency.

TSMC says the chip supply will be delayed due to virus attack and additional costs will be incurred. Third-quarter earnings will have an impact of up to 3 percent. In the fourth quarter, you will be able to recover this loss. They will now work to solve problems with customers. Within a few days, each customer will be informed about this separately.

TSMC says that installing new software is a virus infection. When that tool opens in a computer computer network it spreads. However, there was no sensitive information about the incident. The measures have been taken to strengthen the security and security of the TSMMC.


More:The new strategy of digital extortion

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The e-mailer's title is weird Seeing sure you will be surprised. Because, the e-mail header contains a password you use and your username. Do not open where! 'You know later about the house' - thinking that e-mail will open up.

Because nothing else, this e-mail is a new horror strategy for cyber extortionists.

Do research and teaching about computer security. For this, cybercrime or cyber-crime is to be done regularly, it is to teach the students various techniques of cybercrime. But I am also surprised to see this new study. It is bound to be successful. Because, extortionists here have blackmailed the man's psychology through an alarming e-mail. Let's see, what's the matter!

What's in the e-mail
E-mail started in this way (written in English from simple Bangla) - 'Your password is such and such. You do not know me, but I know everything about you, it is unfortunate that I have received secret information about you. '

Then it goes to the threat category-

'You have visited such a video / photo site (can understand what kind of "video" site it may be) where we put malware. It has been installed on your computer at the site and control of your computer has come in my hands. We have been able to record all the activities of your computer by utilizing it. We've recorded your video by launching your webcam immediately. We have now created a video with the left side of which you are sitting secretly watching the naughty video that is on the right, and the video that you were doing was doing naughty by watching the video on the right. All your friends and contact lists have come to our hands.

Now you can have two options without having to do everything. In that case, the copy of this video will be reached by your friends, wife-family, boss-all in one day. And the other option is to send you $ 2700 to save your reputation, through Bitcoin, at the same address. This e-mail contains a secret pixel placement. So, we know that you read the e-mail. If you can not pay the money in one day, then you will break your pats in the market. I have spent a lot of time in this work, so I will not give money! And do not tell anyone, but I will leave the video.

And if you want to make sure that this email is real, yes answer. Your naughty video will send you to five friends as a sample.

There is no profit going to the police. Because, I'm out of control. Therefore, if you do not want to send these proofs of Akam-Kamaam to everyone, send money quickly. We will delete the video if we get the money. '

This is the criminal threat given to the bat.

What are you afraid of
Now the question is, what should you fear? If you do not go to a naughty site, is someone really holding your pictures of your webcam with your webcam? What is the credibility of this threat? The extortionist is a criminal but has done a great job at the beginning, showed your user name and password, so that you believe in him. If your friend knows the secret password, the rest is true! What to do now? Bitcoin to buy to buy? Or will you go to the forest?

No, no! Sleep with the nose oil completely. Why? Tell me now

It's true that the hacker is convincing you by showing your user name and password. But after the house, you know?

The incident happened in the past few years in some very big password leaks. Linked-In, Bitli-these organizations have stolen millions of usernames and passwords. And the list of these passwords on the Dark Web is spread. As a result, criminals have a password or links to your site (old). These companies warned everyone about the matter a year ago, so most people changed their passwords. (If you do not change then change it quickly). But extortion took advantage of it, initially confused you by talking about your old password. You may not believe in other words, but you have easily misled your hidden information by showing Chandbad. Maybe you believe, you've actually made your own video like hackers, and now you'll be able to reveal to everyone right now.

The real incident is that such a video is not in their hands, only the people of Kanpathola are made to roam the money from them and this extortion work is done. I am sure many people will believe in such e-mails and will send thousands of bits of this Bitcoin address. This fraud has been going on for a few months- one of my fellow researchers has been monitoring this extortion group for months. Since July, fraudsters have released millions of e-mails for such fraud.

How to be safe online?

This deception is not necessarily a matter, but how to be safe online? Ensure the security of your computer, update the antivirus regularly. And do not go to unknown unknown websites; At the same time, if someone asks you to click on any link in the e-mail, do not click and click. Do not click on the same message in messenger or other way-even the familiar people send a link, but do not click here. Because, cyber criminals thus hacked the accounts of people who know many times, send messages from everyone to the Friendlist from there to grab their accounts. After going to any web site, it is very easy to solve video record problems with webcam. Put a paper or black tape on the webcam, only when it's really a video chat. It can not be recorded by webcam even if your computer enters malware, but no one will be able to record it. And to verify if your password or username has been spread on the Dark Web, please visit https://haveibeenpwned.com

Do not believe in cyber extortionists, resist them all the deception trap.

Writer: Associate Professor, Computer Science, University of Alabama at Birmingham, USA


More:Shawami started selling new smartphones in the country's market

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Chinese technology company Shaoami has officially announced the sale of Redmi S-2 offline in the country's market. Prior to this, the company was selling it online only. Shawmoi authorities said that apart from Daraj Dotcom from Friday, new smartphones are being sold in hundreds of authenticated stores and more than 1 thousand retail stores. Its price is 14 thousand 999 taka.

Shawmy Vice President and Shomei India Manager Manu Jain said, "It is very good to be able to bring good cellphone smartphones in Bangladesh market. Along with online, Redmi is also expected to increase its share in the local market from Redmi.

It is to be noted that Shoomi started officially in the country's market through the new smartphone. The company is referring to the new smartphone as a cellphone phone. Redmi S-2 smartphone has a 16 megapixel camera. It uses pixel building technology and Shawmy's own artificial intelligence-based (AI) beautyful feature. On the back side there are 12 and 5 megapixel artificial two cameras. Redmi S-2 has a 5-dimensional 99-inch full screen display. It uses the Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 processor.

Two SIM cards can be used in Redmi S-2 and up to 266 Giga Micro SD card. It has IR Blaster and Artificial Intelligence-based Face Unlock Advantages.


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