From masturbation addiction - 70 to 95 percent of the elderly males and 50 to 89 percent of women used in masturbation, according to a recent study report. In many cases women and men first get sexually stimulated by masturbation. If this means of sexually controlled, it is not harmful to health. But uncontrolled masturbation is like addiction, which may cause multiple physical damage. If you follow certain things, you can get rid of it.


1. To get out of any kind of addiction or addiction, your own will is enough. So strengthen the willpower.

2. Throw things away that move you towards masturbation, stay away from them.

3. Mark the time when masturbation is over. If you are excited about going to the toilet or before going to bed or if you want to do it suddenly, then go to work for physical work. Such as book-down or any other exercise. As long as the body is tired, that is, there is no energy to masturbate and do so until that exercise or exercise. If you want to wake up while bathing, use only cold water and get out of the bathroom immediately after bathing.

4. Do not look bad at women.

5. Keep yourself busy as much as possible.

6. Be patient. One day, you will get rid of intoxication, it will not be so. If you have concentration, then gradually get out of any kind of addiction. Sometimes it will be wrong. Do not give up, do not give up, do not give up, try.

7. Avoid porn movies in any way. Take a computer to the living room to see the porn in the computer, so that others can see, what are you doing. This will reduce the desire to enter the porn site.

8. Throw things away that move you towards masturbation, stay away from them. If you want to get really released from excessive masturbation, then if you have a collection of porn movies, then they will just waste them; Burn or tear Delete all of the hard drives or memory now. Before using the Internet, go to the browser's parental control and block the adult content. Garbage now if there is any sex toy.

9. The masturbation will not be left entirely. Imagine yourself that sometimes you do. Not frequently

10. Avoid those who talk about bad things or about girls or porn movies.

11. Do not be alone when you are extremely addicted to masturbation, spend less time in the house, spend more time outside. You can jog, walk around the bike. If you are a student, you can study with classmates. Can spend time visiting libraries or coffee shops.

12. Do not fall asleep during the evening. If you do not do anything please see the picture or read the book. You can play video games. It will also forget about masturbation.

13. Avoid sex issues completely. Do not listen to any such word or comment.

14. Set small targets. Suppose the first target is not to masturbate for two days. If you can not do two days, gradually increase the time.

15. When you do not go to bed then. Sit down and sit with others.

16. Try to come out as soon as possible when there is a habit of masturbation during bathing in the toilet.

17. Spend more time with friends and family

18. You can meditate or meditate. You can do yoga.

19. Avoid Phone sex 

20. Do not make mistakes to help others. If you masturbate during the night, share the room with someone or the door-window is open and the light sleeps. When you see that you can not succeed alone in all your efforts, then get help from friends, family and doctors. There is nothing to shame here.

21. Do not sleep on the upside.

22. After the afternoon do not eat stimulants and grups.

23. Lie down with a girlfriend or girlfriend, do not love loneliness.

If you are very addicted to masturbation and can not get out of it, then sexual relations with your partner will not be normal after marriage, which can ruin your marital relationship.

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