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Researchers have created long-awaited charging app

People now work on smartphones. There is pressure on the battery. Many people are on a long-run charge-phone search. Recently, researchers have developed an app that allows battery charging to be done long and will help reduce the performance of smartphones without any hesitation. Canadian researchers created the app.

The research articles have been published in the magazine 'Itripli Access'. It has been said in the article that they have developed a method that will increase the battery life of the smartphone every day for one hour. This information has been reported in an IANS report.

Waterloo University professor Khirasagar Naik said that they have opened the built-in multi-window feature in the Android operating system, which allows users to open multiple windows or files at the same time as laptops. It will not cover unnecessary charges.

Naik said, "We have made an app that can be installed on the device and reduces the brightness of the application.

Researchers run the test with 200 smartphone users. Downloading the app and using it while running multiple windows. As a result of using the charge protection method, their battery life has increased by 10 to 25 percent.

Naik said, many people gave hundreds of charges in the morning with phone charging all night while keeping the phone all night. But then due to various reasons the battery charge decreases. At noon the charge of the phone came down to 30 percent. There are many times a day to find the charger. It is a matter of troubles from the user. Receiving additional charge causes the phone to be heated and repeatedly charging reduces battery life. The battery which was supposed to last for three years has become ineffective in two years.


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