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Introduction to Business Blogging

If you are in business online, you probably have a site. If you don't have a company site yet - you want to find a business site. Business Blogging is a crucial (and free) way to market yourself, your site and your products. In addition, it helps with search engines to affiliate your organization site with crucial key terms and phrases.
What makes a successful blog? This is one of the replies that is as simple as it seems. A blog is an extension of your business site. Your blog is an excellent marketing tool, but it's an error to use it as a marketing instrument. Readers don't need to go back to a blog that is completely self-serving and reads like an infomercial.

Here are some tips on how you can make your business blogging successful

Offer Quality Content

For your blog to be prosperous, it has to be engaging. Tons of individuals may read or follow your site, the trick is to find them to leave remarks and recall what you had to convey. Opinions are not the only way to earn your site interesting and interactive. You may also make use of queries, polls, interesting facts, connections, relevant videos, your favorite things, and a number of other things that involve human interest and touch on feelings.

Strong Title and description or Opening Phrase

Your name and opening sentence are your post's very first impression. Create your name and opening sentence engaging and intriguing, as well as your reader, is more inclined to stick around and browse the rest of your post. They may even share it! Also, very good use of phrases in a website title is more likely to be scooped up from the search engines. Ask yourself is that something I'd like to see?' Otherwise, there is a great chance that your reader will not want to see it either.

Post Consistently

If you are business blogging, then you should get yourself to a program. If a person is really a devout follower of the site, it will not take very long for them to tire of stopping by your blog to find exactly the identical post they watched a week. With so many blogs to look in the may proceed to someone who posts frequently. Don't let this happen. Post frequently. Even if frequently is only once or twice weekly, it keeps your content clean, keeps people interested and provides them with an opportunity to associate with you. When it is a favorite quotation, video or picture... it's still new content. Another thought I use is to get blog posts written beforehand to post for those occasions when life happens'.

Keep it Positive

Some of the worst things you could do are to make negative. If you are in the business of complaining or trash talking your competition, chances are you won't have many subscribers. They, not the readers you desire, Should you have subscribers. A business blog isn't the place for exceptionally contentious issues and negativity-you alienate subscribers and danger coming across as difficult or disagreeable. Some could assert that controversy attracts visitors, but that's not a chance worth gambling your small business credibility with.

Takes a friend to be a friend

Comments Who does not love'em? One of the easiest methods to bring attention to your blog would be to leave comments about other blogs. Not only is it a good free promotion, but it's also a great thing to do. Besides-you just might find something or discover some good strategies or just a sale. Win-Win.

Making it Personal

I can not say it's enough. Take advantage of social media (Facebook, LinkedIn...) One of the greatest things about social networking outlets is that they provide a targeted audience to discuss new ideas, goods, and data. Blogs and social media outlets permit the buyer/potential purchaser to see with you on a more private level that's nearly always good for the business

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is a great way to promote different companies. You are giving your guest the eye of your viewers and at precisely the same time, you'll be introduced to a new audience of subscribers and gain some publicity by being a guest blogger to their website. Everybody wins new vulnerability & new readers for the writers and a new perspective for the readers. Nice

Links and Keywords

Your blog is among the greatest places for you to make the most of pertinent hyperlinks and search engine friendly keywords and phrases. Whenever potential link to your site, your previous blog articles or your social media websites. When you share the other areas you may be located on the internet, it saves the reader the problem of needing to find out more about the information. It also provides you credibility and also demonstrates your willingness to showcase your own merchandise across several stations. Are not you informed and established to be all around the area!


Use the free analytic and tracking software available on the market. You can find out what websites or keywords brought traffic to your site, where they are'bouncing' to, the geographic demographics of your visitors, how long individuals were on your site, what posts were most popular and so much more. Try Google analytics to get started.

End on a High Note

Your initial two or three sentences determine if your reader will probably stick about. When they've gotten to the finish, the secret is getting them to come back. I always suggest ending on a positive note, as well as using a call to action. Both will make the reader feel engaged and inquisitive about what's to come. Don't you agree?
I rest my case here on business blogging!
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Although the holiday season is coming, Google Play continues to have a strong wind with launches every week. This early December comes with options for managing files and finances, VPN, information about your device, photo editors and, as always, many games.

1. File Manager

Google play store's photo

If you have a memory card on your smartphone, you've probably gone through the nightmare of trying to manage where each file goes. The idea of this File Manager is exactly to help the user to choose wherever their files are in the easiest way.

Unlike most other apps, it separates categories here and tells you how much junk is on your device (for example, separating those videos and photos coming from WhatsApp). This makes it easier to decide what you want or not to save on your smartphone.

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Files Manager is free, so there's not much reason to not try it for a few days until you get used to the interface. It is free and requires Android 5.0 or above. You can download and install this app from here.

2. Fast loading

Google play store's photo

Before we talk about this program, here's a warning. The app does not offer fast charge system for devices that do not have the technology. This is a hardware issue, that is, it is not a program that will be able to modify the loading speed of your device.

So what does this app do? Well, it offers a lot of information about your device, most of it related to the device's battery. Thus, you stay within the health of the part, how much remains to load and how much time is still needed for the completeness of the load.

With such information, the app can also optimize battery usage, temperature, and remove programs and files that could damage the life of the part. In this way, it can lightly make your device has a better use when charging the batteries, not as fast as the fast charge. That is, it is an interesting program to know more about your device and how it loads.

The app is free and requires Android over 4.0. You can download and install this app from here.

3. Calculator Pro

Google play store's photo

In speaking of what to do, here is an app that can help you add up all your finances and solve other calculations. This program aims to offer the greatest number of tools for those who need to do accounts and solve equations of the most diverse difficulty levels.

It also uses the new Android Augmented Reality Pack, allowing you to write an equation in the notebook and have the solution simply by pointing the camera from the smartphone to the writing. That is, there is no need to copy every equation and waste time with the bills.

Still, it offers scientific precision of several decimal places and also full resolution of equations written on the smartphone. In addition, it also has some converters from the best-known units in temperature, currency, distance and weight.

Calculator Pro is free and requires Android 4.1 or above. You can download and install this app from here.

4. Plants vs Zombies 2 - Free

A great game comes free for smartphones. Plants vs Zombies is an already classic series of mobile platforms. The idea here is that you put a series of plants that work as weapons in your garden and defend the house from zombie hordes who try to invade everything.

The strategy game, developed and published by Electronic Arts, now comes for free on the Google platform. It's an acquisition for the free Android library and a lightweight game that runs largely on smartphones, even on entry models.

The app requires Android 4.1 or higher to work. You can download and install this app from here.

5. Lite Finance Mix

Google play store's photo

The end-of-the-year promise of a lot of people is trying to settle the bills for next year. Well, the trick to this is this app. The program offers that simple input and output, so you know if it's in the red or not.

More than that, there are also a whole range of different categories to divide your investments and spending and know where your money is actually going and cut those unnecessary ones. With a very simple platform, it sets out to be a lightweight program that will not take up too much or ask too much of your smartphone. So it loads Lite in the name.

Another interesting feature highlighted by the developers is that it does not ask for the user's personal information, only a users and password.

The Mix Finance Lite costs $ 1.89 and calls for Android 4.1 or higher. You can download and install this app from here.

6. CSR Racing 2

 csr racing

Let's go another game. CSR Racing 2 is the continuation of one of the most successful games on tablets and smartphones. He was one of the first to bring in a more realistic mobile platform graphics, customization options and adjustments, and good gameplay.

Here, the player is placed in start-up races. That is, no curves, only the dispute in who knows how to get better with the car and pass the marches at the correct time. With that, the developer managed to make a more realistic title. This sequel brings some new tools to the game. One is to get into a vehicle using virtual and augmented reality. That is, you can go to the backyard and take a car on the smartphone screen.

Another interesting novelty are the old cars that you can restore inside the game and run with them.

CSR Racing 2 is free and requires Android 4.4 or above. You can download and install this app from here.

7. Totsie

Google play store's photo

Totsie is basically a photo editor, however, it is not any editor. The focus of it is to help parents and mothers who want to slap the images of their babies. Thus, it offers some basic editing tools like color adjustment, cropping of images and other functions.

However, the part where it really shines is in the templates. The program offers a series of interesting and fun ideas to put your little one in the most varied situations, even allowing the creation of cards. Incidentally, the Christmas theme is in the package for you to send a photo of your little one to friends.

When it comes to a baby photos app, it is always worth remembering that it is very important to be very careful in the images you share with your son or daughter, especially in positions that expose them or identify daycare and where you live.

Totsie is an app with 7 days of free trial and then takes place in charge. Still, it asks Android 5.0 or above. You can download and install this app from here.

8. RunPlan

Google play store's photo

If you are one of those people who wakes up early to run, you may want a program to organize and monitor your workouts. The RunPlan proposal is exactly a help in racing planning. So it helps and offers tips and hints on how many times and how to run each week with the goal of achieving certain goals such as exceeding 5 or 10 kilometers, for example.

Along with this, he also monitors the workout, showing the way, informing variations of speed and altitude and reporting the averages traveled to each kilometer.

The program is paid, with the single cost of $ 3.59 and requests Android 5.0 or higher.  You can download and install this app from here.

9. Shadow of Death

 shadow of death

This is a simple little game with an art that impresses. The game is an action title with 2D side kicking. That is, you control a character who must beat the enemies by walking across the screen sideways.

The interesting thing is that it unites very simple characters, with few details, but with an interesting aesthetic and well made. Thus, the game manages to remain lightweight, but still flashy to the eyes. You control three different type of characters that have each their specialty. One more diehard, one tougher, and the third one with spell attacks at a distance.

The player needs to pass phases that are good challenges with large hordes of enemies, in a game that will require some skill of the user.

Shadow of Death is free and requires Android above 4.1 to work. You can download and install this  app from here.

10. Melon VPN

Google play store's photo

Mleon VPN is a program that creates private networks to ensure security on connections that may not be secure, such as wifi from airports and malls. The idea is that you connect without other users having access to your device.

So, Melon is a free VPN option that does not drop your connection after a while of use. However, as a free service, keep an eye out. It is not recommended for very important VPN jobs, which require high security.

That's because the gratuity of the service usually means that it does not have all the security standards for something more complex. However, if you need a VPN to raise the security of public networks for simple use, or even emulate a location outside of your region, this app is recommended.

The Melon VPN is free and requires Android 4.1 or above. You can download and install this Melon VPN app from here.

Thanks for reading this article, I will write again in next week. Please write your comment about this news. and stay with tech news. If you have anything to ask me, please Ask your question here. 

A wardrobe staple, jeans is the go-to outfit for most of the girls. You can dress up or dress down with a jeans. The outfit most of us rely on, when we run out of any fashion ideas. Whether you want a casual look or looking for a more edgy look, your jeans can handle any situation. Just pair it up with the right tops and accessories and you are all set! A nice top or a good outerwear in winter is enough to up your style statement. You also need to try out trendy accessories that will be the perfect complement to your jeans. Check out five trendy things that you can pair with your jeans this winter and see the results!

5 Things to Wear with your Jeans!

Lime Green Top or Sweater

Lime green is trending right now and you can try out this color with your blue or white jeans. When the weather is not too cold, you can wear a lime green top. If you feel the chill, you can try out a lime green sweater instead. A chunky knit can be the best option for a chillier temperature.

A White Frilly Top

A white top can never go wrong with blue jeans. If it has frills on it, even better! You can pick up a top with ruffled sleeves for a more dramatic effect. Throw over a jacket if there is a nip in the temperature. Boots or pumps can be the right shoes to wear with this combo.

Layered Necklaces

Up your fashion game with layered necklaces paired with your jeans. Give a glam touch with these necklaces. If you prefer a simple style, you can pick up single chains and layer them up. Coin necklaces in layers are also quite a hit among fashionistas.

A PVC Footwear

Invest in a pair of PVC boots or sandals this season and style it up with your favorite jeans. This trendy footwear is a must-have for every fashion girl. This transparent material adds to your style statement without going over-the-top.

Logo Bags

Logomania is still going strong as we get ready for winters. Keep up with this trend as you pair your jeans with logo bags. Shop for bags from brands like Fendi, Gucci, Laura Biagiotti, Prada and more.

Additional Tip: Wear Chain Belts

Apart from these five things, you can also pair up your jeans with another accessory to glam up your look in an instant. Chain belts are on trend and they can turn a simple look into a glam one without any effort. There are simple chain belts if you do not want to go too glam. If you prefer a bold look, pick up some chunky chain belts with interlocked chains. Choose from golden or silver colored chain belts to pair up with your jeans. A short top, sweater or jacket is recommended so that the chain belts are visible.

So, stay ahead in the fashion game as you style up your jeans with these 5 trendy fashion pieces.

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Serena's 'Black Cats Suit' is Banned

  • Serena Williams, the Marvel Super Hero at the French Open Court The super hero Black Panther imitated the 'Black CatSuit .' The French Open authorities did not take the matter naturally. The United States tennis star will be banned if they decide to wear such clothes in the future.

Serena's 'Black Cats Suit' is Banned

After the dress code of Serran's decision, tough action was taken. French Open Federation President Bernard Zuidchelli told Tennis Magazine, "It will not be tolerated again." The image of the game is worsening as it looks like, 'I think the thing has gone a long way. You have to respect the game and the place you play. '

The 23 Grand Slam winners Serena said she dressed herself as a "superhero" It was a different reason behind the return to self-confidence. He said that he had suffered from complications due to blood clotting after childbirth. To avoid that problem, there was a need for shoe cloth. So the Black Catsuit chose.

Typically, Wimbledon is quite strict about dress code. The rules of the game of wearing white clothes in tennis's most prestigious tournament. Serena's dress after the French Open authorities are also on the way to a strict step

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WI Fast Bowler  Biton got permission for bowling

  • West Indies  Fast Bowler  Ronsford Bitton was questioned in the illegal action last year. During the one-day game against New Zealand, such incident has sparked him from the bowling. The Caribbean Fast Bowler has been allowed to bowl again in action.

WI Fast Bowler  Biton got permission for bowling

Biton was banned when the action was taken to verify the bowling action at the beginning of this year. Going back to bowl, the fight to refine yourself. On August 13, after renewing his approval, his action will be approved.

After re-examination in the University of Loughborough in the UK, they have said that the elbows curvaceous in the new action remains within 15 degrees. Biton could not play the CPL this time because the action was illegal.

More News:

The ICC will supply footage of the new action to the Officials. If they have any discrepancy, then you can report independently with the action of biton.

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Twitter canceled 486 accounts based on Russia and iran

  • Twitter has canceled more than 486 accounts after canceling 284 accounts last few days. Gadgets Now reported that these accounts are based on Iran and Russia.

Twitter canceled 486 accounts based on Russia and iran

Twitter has been used to misused  people in the Middle East, Latin America, United Kingdom, and the United States. In relation to the removal of 486 new accounts, Twitter said that, after the initial investigation of last week we started the investigation. These accounts are then searched.

In a statement, the company said further, we have canceled more 486 accounts due to violation of the policy. The number of total canceled accounts reached 770.

It is known that about 100 accounts were managed from the United States. In all, 867 of these have been tweeted. A total of 1,688 people followed them. Accounts are less than one year old.

Last week Facebook and Twitter removed hundreds of accounts. They were based in Iran and Russia. Basically due to 'abnormal behavior' Facebook canceled 652 pages, groups and accounts last week.


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013 Series: GP gets approval for selling 2 million SIMs in the 013 series.

After seeking the last few years, Grameenphone is finally going to get the series '013'
However, Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTCL) has tied up the sale of SIM in this series. The commission said that the company will be able to sell only two million numbers of this series.

GP gets approval for selling 2 million SIMs in the 013 series.

On the other hand, the regulatory commission for the Banglalink took the initial steps to allot the series '014'.

The final decision will be taken in the next commission meeting.

In a commission meeting of the BTRC last Sunday, the operator decided to give another number one series. Currently they are using 017 and 019.

For the past three years, GP has been demanding to allocate a number series by saying that it is going to fill ten quarters of its quota. Their claim was 013. But in the year 2016, banglalink demanded that the 010 series.

Prior to this, the series of 014 was allocated for a company called M / s BBTT. It was empty after the series was canceled in a 2016 commission meeting.

More News :

Earlier this month, when the issue was raised in the presence of Prime Minister's Information and Communication Technology Adviser Sajeeb Wazed Joy, he decided to allot new number one series to two operators.

Earlier, once the GP 013 series was approved in October 2016, it is again stuck on different conditions.

In the same year, Robi and Airtel were unified and Robi has been getting additional business facilities using two series. Someone said that the decision to allocate the same benefits to the two operators as well as to get 013 and 014 has been decided.

However, the details of what will be given in this year's allocation is not known.

Citycell is currently using 011, Teletalk 015, Robi 016 and 018, GP 017 and Banglalink 019 as per the number planning of the commission.

As a result, two of the 010 and 01 series still remain empty.

NASA's Parker is near the Sun.

NASA's Parker is near the Sun.
NASA's Parker is near the Sun.

NASA has successfully launched a satellite called Parker Solar Probe with a mission of the sun's mystery. One day after the scheduled time, NASA's space was launched from Cape Canaveral in Florida. It will reach 60 million kilometers of the sun and no one can travel before the sun so close.

The bright sunlight part of the sun can be seen during the solar eclipse - which is called 'Corona', this vehicle will fly through it.

It is said that probes have the ability to withstand more than 1000 degrees Celsius heat.
The satellite is being sent to space with four Delta-Four rockets. In the Florida state of the US state of Cape Coravalal, the launch of 'probe' was on Saturday morning. But in the last moment, it was delayed by 14 hours for some additional examinations.
This satellite, which is known as 'Corona', is the bright spot around the sun that goes right there. Then, to circumambulate around the sun, will try to understand the behavior of this star. This satellite will circulate 24 times around the Sun in seven years.

At that time it will speed up to 6,70,000 kilometers per hour. It is about 60 million kilometers away from the sun and circulates the information.

One of the scientists of this project. Nicki Fox said, "I understand that the distance of 60 million km does not seem to be close distance, but if it is assumed that the surface of the earth and the distance of the sun is one meter, then the probe is only 4 to the sun. Mr. Stay away. '
The speed at which probes will run is unprecedented. Dr. Fox says, 'No such speed was created before. It's 690,000 hours per hour around the sun. Mr. Move in speed up That means, moving from New York to Tokyo will take less than a minute.

Why is this Parker campaign important?

The satellite, named Parker, will help you understand how the sun works.
The sun is affecting the earth with its electric particles and magnetic power all the time. This 'solar wind' or the air emitted from the sun is made in the sky of the North Pole, the strange color of the game of light.

But some streams of the Sun can disrupt the Earth's magnetic energy balance. In that case, the communication system may be disrupted, the satellite may be disassembled in space, and even the electric grid can be broken.
The satellite, named Parker, will help you understand how the sun works.

The sun is affecting the earth with its electric particles and magnetic power all the time. This 'solar wind' or the air emitted from the sun is made in the sky of the North Pole, the strange color of the game of light.

But some streams of the Sun can disrupt the Earth's magnetic energy balance. In that case, the
communication system may be disrupted, the satellite may be disassembled in space, and even the electric grid can be broken.

Why do you need to go so close to the sun?

The 'mystery' is a strange mystery to the scientists of 'Corona' or the shining area around the sun.

The temperature of the coronation is more than the sun surface. Sun temperature where the temperature of 6,000 degrees Celsius, the temperature of the corona region can be several million degrees.

Why this difference - its precise answer is still not available to the scientists.

Besides, when the air emanating from the sun enters the coronation, its speed suddenly grows intensely. This hot air is 500 kilometers per second. The speed of the solar system moves through.

Scientists hope to be able to send information about Parker's electrical and magnetic fields.

How to survive Parker?

From now on 60 years ago, the planets were sent to the first satellite near the Sun. But scientists have found that the technology needed to create the spacecraft to send to the Sun.

The solar-powered device will have a thickness of 4.5 inch thick composite carbon cover. As a result, internal temperature will always be within 30 degrees Celsius. 

Make More Money From Youtube Good news for youtuber : Youtube New announce 

Video sharing platforms youtube have made good news for YouTube content makers I mean youtubers .

"Make More Money From Youtube Good news for youtuber : Youtube New announce"

Compulsory advertising ranges will be extended to YouTube videos from next week. It can be closed when watching the ad video.

Also the amount of advertising will be increased. As a result content generator revenue will increase.
Youtube has said, adding a new tool to the platform. All of the content partners of the YouTube Partner Program will be able to reach this new feature.
Besides, this new feature will also show the effect of the audience involvement and earnings.

Advertisements are shown on the video while watching the video on YouTube. If you want, you can close the advertisement by clicking the skip button on the right.

Advertisement can be turned off when new feature is launched. The video will be seen when the whole ad is finished. This can cause a lot of trouble for ordinary viewers, even though the revenue of YouTube content makers increases. If that's the case, then just like television, ads will be seen on YouTube.
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Google Pixel king of selfie?

The Google Pixel series has been named in the smartphone camera. The new pixel phone will be added to the 'Super Selfie' feature.

"Google Pixel king of selfie camera"

 It will be seen on the enhanced Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL phones. However, the feature can also be delivered through old pixel updates. It is already known that the pixel 3 series will have two cellphone cameras. As a result, 'Super Selfie' can be dependent not only on software but also on hardware. Perhaps the most popular version of 'Portrait' Selfi can be a better version. It will add another feature without Google Portrait. That's the 'beauty mode' to make the look more beautiful. Users will be able to get rid of many uneven parts or stains from their face. But the back camera will also have 12 megapixels. In order to show Ai Magic in the picture, the 'visual core' image processor hardware will be strengthened. The new pixel series will be unveiled next October.
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