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The VR headset is being used in medical practice. Photo: Collected

Many are afraid to get high. Altitude is called arcophobia. Automated Virtual Reality (VR) based psychological therapies may be of great help to overcome this problem. In a recent study, the information has emerged. This information was reported in an IANS report.

The research paper was published in The Lancet Cycrite magazine.

Researchers at Oxford University of the United Kingdom run this research. Various activities were undertaken with the people participating in the study, in order to win the fear.

Researcher Daniel Freeman said that there is no need for a doctor to take an immersive VR therapy. There are many possibilities of removing mental barriers.

It has been found that, unlike conventional face therapy, VR treatment is effective, faster and more likely to be taken to the patient. Automatic treatment will be provided in low cost at Virus.

At the time of the study, Arphophobia was afraid to get up, but only 100 people were treated for psychiatric treatment. They were divided into two parts. One group is given automatic treatment and other methods of treatment. Actually there was no treatment before altitude.

For two weeks, BR was given treatment for 30 minutes. At that time, they were asked to carry out various activities related to their VR headset. They were given courage at this time. At the end of the examination, patients who are treated in the veer told to reduce fear.


More:The way to prevent video theft on YouTube

'Copyright Match Tool' brings you to YouTube

YouTube has a new feature called 'Copyright Match Tool'. This allows YouTube's video makers to stop their video theft. That means, no one can upload their uploaded video illegally. The information was posted on a YouTube blog post.

If you upload new videos through this new tool, then scan it will see YouTube. It will be seen whether there is a video uploaded to the YouTube platform with the uploaded video. If that video matches, a tab called 'Matchless' will appear.

YouTube authorities have said that for one year the experiment with the copyright match tool is being done to prevent the re-upload of content illegally. A long time has been conducted to make the tool safer, efficient and useful to the entire community.

If new content is matched with any previously uploaded content, then the original uploader can contact the new uploader or you can request that YouTube remove the video.

Those who have more than 100,000 subscribers on YouTube, they can use the new feature from next week.

Youtube's blog post says it is a powerful feature. Its use will be deeply reviewed and may be open to all users at a later time.


More:In the event of theft, two employees of the Equifax have been terminated

The company has pruned two senior employees of the United States credit card company, Equifax. The two employees are the chief information officer and chief security officer of the company. The organization said that two months before the attackers attacked, they knew the security problem. Because of this security error, hackers get access to data.

Since the disclosure of the credit card information stolen from the subscribers, the equity share of equity has been declining. Ecuaxes said they are working with the FBI to find out criminals.

Due to hacking, it is estimated that about 14 million three million US customers and four million British credit card holders may be damaged. The stored information of the customers was stolen from the 13th of May to the 30th of July.

In this incident, the company's CEO Richard Smith apologized to the customers and told them to testify on October 3 at the hearing of the House of Energy and Commerce Committee of the US Congress.

Eqfax's database includes information about 82 million subscribers and 91 business organizations worldwide. Consumers' records include their names, social security numbers, birthdate, address and driving license number.

sourch:ict news bd

More:Dude is about to listen to Embaap

During the semifinals, the time wasted and the yellow card saw an abbappe. Photo: Reuters
France win again in front of France The 2006 World Cup had to return to the distance. Now the championship can not be blown away - before the final, there must be something that grismanara thinks. Belgian defender Thomas Monier gave a little talk about what to do in France to win the finals.

Monier to Paris Saint-Germain Well aware of that capability, the capabilities of Kylian Mbabp. The responsibility of sorting the attack with the right edge is shared by the two. But the 26-year-old defender thinks that MbaPp will have to reduce the superb role in winning the World Cup.

France on Tuesday, July 10, Belgium beat Belgium 1-0 But as the Belgianians are so dissatisfied with the rate, more apathetic than Abbeep's performance. Moni said, "I have never seen such a thing in Paris as well as the time wasted," Moni said in an interview.

But Embap does not think he wasted his time, Maniar said, 'I am sure someone has ordered him for this. He is very talented, big star of the future. I would like to hear from anyone, so ambap has not been affected in this way. '


More:Messaging ads are annoying ads

Messengers users are going to get annoying ads. Facebook will show automatic video ads when running personal messages in messenger. According to a technology website Rikode, Facebook has found a new place to sell video advertising. This advertisement will be shown after the message received from someone inside the messenger. That means users will see ads when chatting to the user. That means the end of the day of ad-free chat! The first ad in the messenger starts showing 18 months ago. At that time 'static' ads were shown. That means the video advertisement was launched on Facebook But now there are more than Facebook profits when it launches video ads. Because, Facebook earns more than video advertising and costs more.

Earlier Facebook had said that there is no other place to show ads inside Facebook. Since then, the company started showing advertisements in messenger and marketplace.

Users may feel annoying at the start of showing autoplay ads inside the messenger. Messenger's advertising department director Stefanoos Lukakos said that they are aware of the causes of human frustration. They will monitor user behavior If people are used to seeing these advertisements, or turn off messenger, it will be monitored.

Stefano said, 'The main importance to us is the user experience. We do not know whether the autoplay video ads will work in the messenger. When general advertisements were shown, there was not much change in sight. But the video may be a little different. But there may not be much difference.


More:Facebook is investigating suspicious accounts with Messenger features

Facebook authorities trying to catch suspicious accounts on Facebook For this, Facebook has introduced a new feature in their messenger. Nobody can send unintended messages or links directly to the Messenger platform. Facebook can detect harmful Facebook accounts through this method.

This information was given in a report on the technical website Motherboard on Wednesday.

According to the motherboard data, if the messenger's new feature launches, sending the message directly from unknown or unknown number of contacts, the recipient will get additional information about that messaging.

Facebook's messenger team told the motherboard that if there is no communication with anyone or there is no communication, then sending the message to him will be given various information about the sender.

This feature has been introduced to prevent scams and unsolicited messages from open accounts with fake and confusing identities. If the Messenger account is not associated with an official Facebook account, it will be communicated to the user.

Now in the Cambridge Analykt scandal, Facebook is going to fight issues like privacy. The UK's election consultancy firm Cambridge Analykas has been accused of using data from the Facebook campaign for election campaign. In this incident, data of 870 million users was unsuccessful. Apart from the default settings of Facebook, privacy settings of 14 million users have been lost.

Facebook authorities have acknowledged that eight million Messengers users have recently suffered due to block error. Even if the person is blocking the unwanted person, the information is gone.


More:Apple - Google does not want you to keep up with the phone

Information technology service company Amber IT is working to provide different types of short code services in the country. The short code is the short number of phones. Calling on a phone number of 7 to 11 or more digits, calling the short one phone number has now become the need of the hour. But this number does not match for personal use. Institutional, official, business and mobile phones or related operators use these short codes to facilitate their services.

Amber IT notification said that the company is working to provide short code technology services. In the meantime, they have provided this service to several banks, union parishads and IT institutes in the country.

The chief executive of the company Aminul Hakim said, "I am providing IT services using specific information services, customer service and technical teams. Customers or organizations with short codes can view all their information in the portal.


More:Fictitious Facebook record in the United Kingdom for misuse of information

In the United Kingdom, the UK's information agency social media has fined around 5 crore 56 lakh taka for misusing information. This is the biggest fine of Facebook in the UK. Facebook will be fined because of affiliation with the Cambridge Analyzing scandal.

The UK's Information Commissioner Office (ICO) says that the UK's election consultancy firm Cambridge Insurance has failed to completely remove the user's information from Facebook.

The extinct parent company of Cambridge Analyst has filed a criminal case against the SCL election. Apart from this, the ICO has expressed concern about the purchase of personal information of political parties from 'Information Brokers'.

Facebook authorities have been asked to respond immediately to the fine.

The ICO said that Aggregate IQ, another company, must stop processing information for UK nationals.

ICO started an investigation after the political preachers are using personal information. After nearly 16 months of investigation, the agency took steps to pen a fine against Facebook.

In the meantime, the former crew of Cambridge Analyst, Christopher Willy, released a leaked report. He said that London-based political consulting firm is using millions of information immensely from Facebook.

The ICO saw their investigation, Facebook broke its own rules. Cambridge University has failed to ensure that the information collected by Facebook users has been deleted.

Cambridge Analysta claims that, after the request of Facebook, they delete all the information in 2015. However, the ICO says that the data collected from Facebook has been shared with others-they have got evidence.

An IOC spokesman said, "The question of the accuracy of the removal of Facebook data has been questioned."

About the report of the IOI, Willy said, "I told the UK authorities about Facebook and Cambridge analytics activities a few months ago. Based on that complaint, Facebook has to pay a record today. Cambridge Analyktica and its managers have to face trial. '

What is the Cambridge Analytics scandal?
Cambridge Approach is better known for Donald Trump's support in the US presidential election in 2016. It is believed that the trump is played in its conquest of victory. However, the company claims that they did not use any information collected from Facebook to promote trump.

Christopher Willie, a former UK based London-based Cambridge analyst, came to the forefront of informing Facebook users about the unheard of information. He was the first to know that the referendum played his role in the US presidential election and the breakthrough in the UK (separation from the European Union) was his former workplace. Cambridge University lecturer Alexander Leonid Kogan supported Cambridge Analyst. He created a special app on Facebook platform. Through this he collected personal information of millions of users and sold it to Cambridge Analyk.

According to Christopher Willie, Cambridge analyzed the information provided to the Republican candidate Donald Trump's campaign camp in the US presidential election in 2016. Not only that, analyzing those data, potential Republican voters are also identified.

It was initially believed that Cambridge Analytics has probably grabbed five million Facebook users. However, after the Facebook authorities acknowledged, data of 80 million users was unsuccessful.

Later, the Facebook Senate and CEO Mark Zuckerberg appeared before the Senate hearing on the matter. Zakarbarg promised to forgive several times in the hearing and also to revive the privacy.

In the hearing, Zuckerberg said, "I started Facebook and I am responsible for everything."

Analysts say the lawmakers have expressed concern that strict control over Facebook may be imposed.

In this scandal of Facebook, the government and politician Bagha Bagha are singing. BBC News reported that the British Prime Minister Theresa May called this incident "very worrying". The country's information security authority permits the Cambridge Analyst to search the London office.

There is a demand for inquiry around Facebook and Cambridge Analytics around the world. Immediately after the incident, Cambridge analyst dismissed their executive Alexander Nix. He revealed to secret journalists the secret strategy of bribing politicians, using sex workers, and the secret strategy of Cambridge Analyst. After that the information came to the public. These allegations were denied by Cambridge Analysts.

Cambridge Approach was closed in May due to the incident. The UK-based firm had been under pressure since March last year after the 'Facebook scandal' was known. In addition to rigorous criticism around the world, several countries started investigating against Cambridge analytics.

References: BBC, NDTV, Washington Post.

More:Apple - Google does not want you to keep up with the phone

Do you use smartphones too much? Apple-like phone makers, but for your low phone use. Of course there are reasons. One of the reasons is addiction. If you get addicted to the mobile phone, it will reduce its usage or start thinking alternative. So Apple-Google wants to control the use of smartphones.

Recently Apple and Google have unveiled some of the features that reduce the use of their technology, including smartphones. Technology companies generally want their products to be sold more and people's heads just go about their products. Technology companies are also thinking about the opposite.

In a recent report published in the Online Platform Medium, it is said that the use of technology will benefit the technology companies. The more the phone is used, the more they gain. Income from the apps and advertisements there will increase. But in the long run, it is not rosy. So Apple and Google have to reduce their addiction to people in their own interests.

Many people use mobile phones for less use.

Appetite to Apple and Google harmful behavior; Rather, a healthy habit of using digital devices makes them more profitable.

For example, the condition of car seatbelt can be found. In 1968 the federal government made the seatbelt compulsory in the car. 19 years before the law, US car makers started giving belts as a feature of the car. This is good news for the car makers because of the law and the demand of users. The sales of the car makers increased.

Experts say the example of those cars and seat belts in the case of smartphones is ideal. Through the third party app, smartphone users can monitor the use of technology and spend time online.

Digital instability is decreasing to stop going to specific sites, seeing how much time is spent online. Apple and Google have announced such a tool. Smartphone usage will be in control. This is what the makers of smartphones


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California-based bike sharing start-up line.
US-based California-based bike sharing service Lime has received $ 33 million worth of investment. Investors include Uber Technologies and Alfabet Incorporation. Lyme announced on Monday. The news agency Reuters reported on the information.

Work with Uber Lyme will work as a collaborator and will be added to the powerhouse of Lime Electric Scooter Uber App.

New venture under the leadership of Google Ventures or GV has added new investors to this new investment. Among them, Ipp, Automiko and Fidelity Management and Research Company This information was given in a blog post on Lyme. In the case of new investments, the price of the lime has been valued at 110 million US dollars.

Earlier, Lyme's rival Bird received $ 300 million investment. Bird is worth 200 million US dollars

At present, investors have invested in Andersen Horowitz and Singapore's GIC as investors.

At the beginning of this year, the Uber authorities bought the jump bikes. There are jeep bikes in the applicant's organization for permission to run a scooter in San Francisco in June.

Lim has operated scooters in 60 U.S. cities and a few university campuses. The company recently launched the service in Germany, Berlin, Frankfurt and Zurich in Switzerland.

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