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Switzerland's Consumer Electronics product maker Cyril Labs' Dual Screen Design, named 'Finney', is coming out in the market. The specialty of the phone is the blockchain technology. Smartphone maker Foxcon will create the phone

BlackKitchen technology is becoming popular all over the world. The blockchain is said to be a novel innovation of modern times. The Blockchain is a safe and open way of storing information. In this method, the information is stored in different blocks in the form of a chain after one. One or more people or groups of 'Satoshi Naakamoto' pseudonym is the inventor of this technology. Since the release of Bitcoin software for the first time in 2009, many evolution of blockchain technology has been going on.

According to the IANS report, Finnish will be the world's first blockbuster smartphone. It may come in market in November. It will cost 999 USD.

According to a report by Zidineet on technical website on Friday, the Syrian OS-based phone based on Android 8.1 will have two-inch slider 'Safe Screen'. It has an Intrusion Protection System (IPS). Apart from this, there will be facilities for safe communication, multiple work capabilities, cryptowlates and Google Play Store as well as non-descriptual applications (DAP).

Nirod May, chief marketing officer of Syrian Labs, said that the goal of Syrian Labs is to eliminate the difference between the Blockchain Economy and the huge market.

A few years ago, Syrian Labs released a premium smartphone called 'Solaron' at a price of $ 14,800.

Queensland's company will be responsible for the smartphones' wallet hardware or operating system. China's Foxcon will make the design and production of the phone.


More:Dirt will not enter Apple's new keyboard

Apple keyboard
Apple had a lot of trouble with the keyboard. Some users of the 'sticky key' issue have filed lawsuits. The US company has to take an initiative to make keyboard-switching programs. However, Apple's authorities have silently solved the problem of keyboard problems. Special privileges are added to the new MacBook Pro keyboard. The information technology-related website Senate has reported on the basis of the IFIFE to repair the technology.

According to the iPhone, Apple MacBook Pro adds silicon membranes to each key of the keyboard. The dust or other particles can not penetrate this.

Ichixit Apple's new keyboard has been confirmed. Previously Apple had patented this kind of technology. Its name was 'Ingress Protection for Keybirds'. This means it is water resistant or dust resistant.

The Apple authorities have claimed that the MacBook Pro keyboard has now reduced the word than before. The effector says it is possible due to the addition of silicon membrane.

Technology analysts say that Apple is more focused on delivering quality products to users than promoting them. So, after introducing new technologies to the keyboard, it did not promote much.


More:The announcement of the results of the Road to Final Program in 'Lincas' app

Digital entertainment platform Lincas announced the winner of their Road to Final Event. Lincoln authorities gave the prize money to football fans in the World Cup football tournament. To participate in the contest, users participated in the 'Road to Final' program by downloading from the Google Play Store or from the LINCAS app or Apple App Store.

Linqas Network Technology Bangladesh Limited Chairman and Managing Director E. Liang said, the World Cup football in this country is a great festival. Here people of all communities came to one place. Those who do not usually see football, they also become the supporter of football. Lincas launched the program to encourage football fans.

Entertainment, contemporary news, presentation of popular artists, fans of rides, real-time traffic updates and social networking platform 'Lincas' The digital entertainment and live video streaming platform has dynamic and attractive features.


More:VR Therapy to eliminate altitude

The VR headset is being used in medical practice. Photo: Collected

Many are afraid to get high. Altitude is called arcophobia. Automated Virtual Reality (VR) based psychological therapies may be of great help to overcome this problem. In a recent study, the information has emerged. This information was reported in an IANS report.

The research paper was published in The Lancet Cycrite magazine.

Researchers at Oxford University of the United Kingdom run this research. Various activities were undertaken with the people participating in the study, in order to win the fear.

Researcher Daniel Freeman said that there is no need for a doctor to take an immersive VR therapy. There are many possibilities of removing mental barriers.

It has been found that, unlike conventional face therapy, VR treatment is effective, faster and more likely to be taken to the patient. Automatic treatment will be provided in low cost at Virus.

At the time of the study, Arphophobia was afraid to get up, but only 100 people were treated for psychiatric treatment. They were divided into two parts. One group is given automatic treatment and other methods of treatment. Actually there was no treatment before altitude.

For two weeks, BR was given treatment for 30 minutes. At that time, they were asked to carry out various activities related to their VR headset. They were given courage at this time. At the end of the examination, patients who are treated in the veer told to reduce fear.


More:The way to prevent video theft on YouTube

'Copyright Match Tool' brings you to YouTube

YouTube has a new feature called 'Copyright Match Tool'. This allows YouTube's video makers to stop their video theft. That means, no one can upload their uploaded video illegally. The information was posted on a YouTube blog post.

If you upload new videos through this new tool, then scan it will see YouTube. It will be seen whether there is a video uploaded to the YouTube platform with the uploaded video. If that video matches, a tab called 'Matchless' will appear.

YouTube authorities have said that for one year the experiment with the copyright match tool is being done to prevent the re-upload of content illegally. A long time has been conducted to make the tool safer, efficient and useful to the entire community.

If new content is matched with any previously uploaded content, then the original uploader can contact the new uploader or you can request that YouTube remove the video.

Those who have more than 100,000 subscribers on YouTube, they can use the new feature from next week.

Youtube's blog post says it is a powerful feature. Its use will be deeply reviewed and may be open to all users at a later time.


More:In the event of theft, two employees of the Equifax have been terminated

The company has pruned two senior employees of the United States credit card company, Equifax. The two employees are the chief information officer and chief security officer of the company. The organization said that two months before the attackers attacked, they knew the security problem. Because of this security error, hackers get access to data.

Since the disclosure of the credit card information stolen from the subscribers, the equity share of equity has been declining. Ecuaxes said they are working with the FBI to find out criminals.

Due to hacking, it is estimated that about 14 million three million US customers and four million British credit card holders may be damaged. The stored information of the customers was stolen from the 13th of May to the 30th of July.

In this incident, the company's CEO Richard Smith apologized to the customers and told them to testify on October 3 at the hearing of the House of Energy and Commerce Committee of the US Congress.

Eqfax's database includes information about 82 million subscribers and 91 business organizations worldwide. Consumers' records include their names, social security numbers, birthdate, address and driving license number.

sourch:ict news bd

More:Dude is about to listen to Embaap

During the semifinals, the time wasted and the yellow card saw an abbappe. Photo: Reuters
France win again in front of France The 2006 World Cup had to return to the distance. Now the championship can not be blown away - before the final, there must be something that grismanara thinks. Belgian defender Thomas Monier gave a little talk about what to do in France to win the finals.

Monier to Paris Saint-Germain Well aware of that capability, the capabilities of Kylian Mbabp. The responsibility of sorting the attack with the right edge is shared by the two. But the 26-year-old defender thinks that MbaPp will have to reduce the superb role in winning the World Cup.

France on Tuesday, July 10, Belgium beat Belgium 1-0 But as the Belgianians are so dissatisfied with the rate, more apathetic than Abbeep's performance. Moni said, "I have never seen such a thing in Paris as well as the time wasted," Moni said in an interview.

But Embap does not think he wasted his time, Maniar said, 'I am sure someone has ordered him for this. He is very talented, big star of the future. I would like to hear from anyone, so ambap has not been affected in this way. '


More:Messaging ads are annoying ads

Messengers users are going to get annoying ads. Facebook will show automatic video ads when running personal messages in messenger. According to a technology website Rikode, Facebook has found a new place to sell video advertising. This advertisement will be shown after the message received from someone inside the messenger. That means users will see ads when chatting to the user. That means the end of the day of ad-free chat! The first ad in the messenger starts showing 18 months ago. At that time 'static' ads were shown. That means the video advertisement was launched on Facebook But now there are more than Facebook profits when it launches video ads. Because, Facebook earns more than video advertising and costs more.

Earlier Facebook had said that there is no other place to show ads inside Facebook. Since then, the company started showing advertisements in messenger and marketplace.

Users may feel annoying at the start of showing autoplay ads inside the messenger. Messenger's advertising department director Stefanoos Lukakos said that they are aware of the causes of human frustration. They will monitor user behavior If people are used to seeing these advertisements, or turn off messenger, it will be monitored.

Stefano said, 'The main importance to us is the user experience. We do not know whether the autoplay video ads will work in the messenger. When general advertisements were shown, there was not much change in sight. But the video may be a little different. But there may not be much difference.


More:Facebook is investigating suspicious accounts with Messenger features

Facebook authorities trying to catch suspicious accounts on Facebook For this, Facebook has introduced a new feature in their messenger. Nobody can send unintended messages or links directly to the Messenger platform. Facebook can detect harmful Facebook accounts through this method.

This information was given in a report on the technical website Motherboard on Wednesday.

According to the motherboard data, if the messenger's new feature launches, sending the message directly from unknown or unknown number of contacts, the recipient will get additional information about that messaging.

Facebook's messenger team told the motherboard that if there is no communication with anyone or there is no communication, then sending the message to him will be given various information about the sender.

This feature has been introduced to prevent scams and unsolicited messages from open accounts with fake and confusing identities. If the Messenger account is not associated with an official Facebook account, it will be communicated to the user.

Now in the Cambridge Analykt scandal, Facebook is going to fight issues like privacy. The UK's election consultancy firm Cambridge Analykas has been accused of using data from the Facebook campaign for election campaign. In this incident, data of 870 million users was unsuccessful. Apart from the default settings of Facebook, privacy settings of 14 million users have been lost.

Facebook authorities have acknowledged that eight million Messengers users have recently suffered due to block error. Even if the person is blocking the unwanted person, the information is gone.


More:Apple - Google does not want you to keep up with the phone

Information technology service company Amber IT is working to provide different types of short code services in the country. The short code is the short number of phones. Calling on a phone number of 7 to 11 or more digits, calling the short one phone number has now become the need of the hour. But this number does not match for personal use. Institutional, official, business and mobile phones or related operators use these short codes to facilitate their services.

Amber IT notification said that the company is working to provide short code technology services. In the meantime, they have provided this service to several banks, union parishads and IT institutes in the country.

The chief executive of the company Aminul Hakim said, "I am providing IT services using specific information services, customer service and technical teams. Customers or organizations with short codes can view all their information in the portal.


More:Fictitious Facebook record in the United Kingdom for misuse of information


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